Undergraduate Electives

The University of South Australia encourages graduates to acquire broad concepts, knowledge and skills beyond those gained through their specialist professional study. This is achieved through the requirement that all students complete at least one elective as part of their undergraduate degree of study.

The links below provide lists of courses which have been recommended as suitable electives by the area offering them. Further details on each course are available on the individual course homepage.

These electives are not available for UniSA Online students. Please refer to UniSA Online electives webpage for more information. 

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Course code Course title
UniSA Business
BUSS 1070 Aboriginal Business Study Tour
ACCT 1008 Accounting for Business
ACCT 3005 Auditing Theory and Practice
BUIL 2026 Building Evaluation for Property
BUSS 2084 Business across Asian Community
BUSS 1057 Business and Society
SPRC 3019 Business Development in Sport
BUSS 1060 Career Development in Business
TOUR 2010 Creative Tourism: Food, Wine and Festivals
BUSS 2066 Creativity and Innovation
TOUR 3009 Destination Management
MARK 3024 Digital Marketing Analytics and Big Data
BUSS 1055 Discovering Opportunities in Property
ECON 2007 Empirical Business Analysis
BUSS 3113 Entrepreneurship and Strategy in Asia
BUSS 2085 Entrepreneurship for Social and Market Impact
TOUR 2006 Experiential Product Design for Tourism, Events and Hospitality
ACCT 1006 Financial Accounting 1
ACCT 2005 Financial Accounting 2
TOUR 2009 Foundations of Event Management
SPRC 2003 Fundamentals of Sport and Recreation
BUSS 3027 Integrated Supply Networks
BUSS 2063 International Business Project
BUSS 3053 International Management Ethics and Values
SPRC 3018 Leadership in Recreation and Sport
SPRC 1004 Leisure Concepts
ECON 1007 Macroeconomics
BUSS 2068 Management and Organisation
BUSS 2058 Managing Services
BUSS 3085 Managing Sustainability in Supply Chains
SPRC 2016 Managing the Athletic Pathway
BUSS 3037 Managing the Employment Relationship
MARK 2010 Marketing Analytics
MARK 2031 Marketing for Health and Wellbeing
MARK 1010 Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange
BUSS 3120 Negotiation, Conflict Management and Resolution
TOUR 3010 New Technologies in Tourism, Events and Hospitality
BUSS 2065 Operations Management for Business
BANK 1002 Personal Finance
BUSS 3081 Planning and Implementing Organisational Change
BANK 3004 Portfolio and Fund Management
ECON 1008 Principles of Economics
BUSS 2054 Principles of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BUSS 3084 Procurement for Strategic Advantage
INFS 2022 Project Management: Principles and Strategies
ECON 2013 Property Economics
SPRC 1007 Recreation and Sport Event Programming
SPRC 2015 Recreation and Wellness Management
ENVT 3004 Recreation Planning in the Urban Environment
MARK 2032 Retailing
TOUR 2011 Service Management in Tourism, Events and Hospitality
BUSS 2040 Small Business for Professionals
SPRC 2013 Sport and Recreation Facilities Management
BUSS 3109 Startup Studio
BUSS 3023 Strategic Management
TOUR 2012 Strategies for Events and Conventions
TOUR 2005 The Hospitality Experience
TOUR 2007 Tourism and Indigenous Peoples
TOUR 1001 Understanding Travel and Tourism
ACCT 1011 UO Accounting for Business
MARK 2033 UO Advertising
BANK 3015 UO Applied Financial Planning
ACCT 3012 UO Auditing Theory and Practice
MARK 3020 UO Branding
BUSS 1067 UO Business and Society
BANK 2010 UO Business Finance
COMM 2086 UO Communication and Organisational Practices
MARK 1016 UO Consumer Behaviour
ACCT 3013 UO Contemporary Issues in Accounting
MARK 3023 UO Digital Marketing
BUSS 2086 UO Entrepreneurship for Social and Market Impact
MARK 3021 UO Essentials of Marketing Planning
BANK 3016 UO Estate Planning
ACCT 1012 UO Financial Accounting 1
ACCT 2015 UO Financial Accounting 2
ACCT 3014 UO Financial Accounting 3
BANK 1009 UO Financial Markets and Institutions
BUSS 2077 UO Foundations of Human Resource Management
BUSS 3107 UO International Business Environments
BUSS 3094 UO International Management Ethics and Values
BANK 2011 UO Introduction to Financial Planning
ECON 1011 UO Macroeconomics
ACCT 2016 UO Management Accounting
BUSS 3095 UO Managing Decision Making
BUSS 3090 UO Managing the Employment Relationship
MARK 2035 UO Market Research
MARK 2037 UO Marketing for Health and Wellbeing
MARK 1018 UO Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange
BUSS 2078 UO Organisational Behaviour
BUSS 3108 UO Organisational Entrepreneurship
BUSS 2075 UO Performance and Compensation Management
BANK 1010 UO Personal Finance
BANK 3017 UO Portfolio and Fund Management
ECON 1010 UO Principles of Economics
MARK 1017 UO Professional Development in Marketing
BUSS 3091 UO Recruitment and Selection of Organisational Talent
MARK 2036 UO Retailing
BANK 3018 UO Risk Management and Insurance
BUSS 3092 UO Strategic Human Resource Management
BUSS 3097 UO Strategic Management
BANK 3019 UO Superannuation
ACCT 3016 UO Taxation Law 1
BUSS 1065 UO Work Health and Safety Management Principles
BUSS 3100 Virtual Industry Internship
BUSS 1053 Work Health and Safety Management Principles