Interested in Languages?

Embark on an in-depth study of French, Italian, Japanese or English, and increase your employment prospects.

You will learn from world-class educators and researchers in Linguistics1. During your studies you'll benefit from our on-campus learning facilities, including the Multimedia Languages Lab where you can connect in real-time with native speakers from around the world. You will also be given the opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen language and culture through our credit-bearing exchange and in-country study programs.

12018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

Key features

  • Study in an advanced interactive learning space that allows you to connect with people from around the world in real-time.
  • Study a curriculum informed by world-class research in Linguistics1.
  • Immerse yourself in the language and culture by embarking on an international student exchange or in-country study program. 

12018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

Why UniSA?

UniSA is an unstoppable university for unstoppable people. As one of the World’s Top Young Universities1, we’ll ensure you get the experience your future profession demands so it’ll feel like you’re studying one minute and in a career the next.

Our academics also have a very practical approach to learning and you’ll benefit by working on real-world projects and getting international experience. We’ve invested millions of dollars in new buildings and facilities, so you’ll use the latest technologies and learn in ultra-modern teaching spaces – including our on-campus multimedia language facility.

Our people are inspired by challenges and opportunities. We partner with local icons and international industry professionals to focus on real world projects.

1UNSTOPPABLE® is a Kellogg Company trade mark used under licence. Ranked #52, 2023 THE Young University Rankings.

UniSA offers the following Languages degrees

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Your career

The ability to use language effectively is a great skill, particularly in a world of linguistic and cultural diversity. Knowledge of other languages and understanding of intercultural relationships is also a skill held in high regard by many employers. Having a proficiency in another language can expand your career options to include roles such as:

  • cultural liaison officer: help to identify the needs of individuals and families from different cultural groups, and ensure there are resources and support programs to meet those needs
  • interpreter/translator: work with groups, individuals and organisations to convert, in written and spoken language, one language into another language
  • tutor: provide one-on-one academic assistance to students
  • multilingual health professional: communicate with patients of diverse language backgrounds
  • multilingual teacher: teach a language or inspire children to become multilingual by setting an example as their classroom teacher

There may also be opportunities for you to work for education providers, professional services firms, locally or internationally, and not-for-profit organisations with headquarters, alliances and networks in international markets. 

Your Career

Global networks

We are a globally connected university, and our staff and students come from over 90 countries. We have more than 2,500 industry and professional relationships that support student internships, research and community engagement.


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Hear from Dr Ibrahima Diallo about our Multimedia Languages Lab located on the Magill campus. This lab gives students the opportunity to read, write, listen and speak other languages, while interacting with native speakers around the world.

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What others are saying

"Lectures and tutorials are always engaging because the lecturers are passionate about the topics they teach. Not only did they teach me how to be successful academically, but they also shared an understanding of the importance and impact language has in professional settings."

Christopher Denton

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics)
Audiology Joint Venture Partner | Specsavers Australia

Christopher Denton

Christopher Denton

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics)
Audiology Joint Venture Partner | Specsavers Australia

Why study at UniSA?

As one of the most innovative universities in Australia and Asia, there are many reasons to study with us. Here are just three:


Accessible, helpful and flexible

We have six campuses, a 24/7 online learning environment, and we offer flexible study options like online and evening courses.


Graduate success

UniSA is South Australia's number one university for graduate careers.*
*ComparED (QILT) Graduate Outcomes Survey 2019-21 – Full-time Employment Indicator (Undergraduate). SA public universities.


A five star university

Five stars for research, employability, teaching, facilities, internationalisation, inclusiveness and innovation*
*2022 QS Stars Ratings