Undergraduate Electives

The University of South Australia encourages graduates to acquire broad concepts, knowledge and skills beyond those gained through their specialist professional study. This is achieved through the requirement that all students complete at least one elective as part of their undergraduate degree of study.

The links below provide lists of courses which have been recommended as suitable electives by the area offering them. Further details on each course are available on the individual course homepage.

These electives are not available for UniSA Online students. Please refer to UniSA Online electives webpage for more information. 

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Electives offered by UniSA STEM

Course code Course title
BUIL 3020 Advanced Contract Administration
PHYS 1007 Applied Physics 1
PHYS 1008 Applied Physics 2
MATH 2030 Applied Probability
PHYS 3002 Applied Science Project
PHYS 1015 Astronomy and the Universe
NASC 3015 Atomic, Nuclear, and Radiation Science
BIOL 1014 Biodiversity for the Environment
CIVE 2007 Building Services
MENG 2010 CADD CAM Principles and Practice
MATH 1054 Calculus 1
MATH 1055 Calculus 2
INFT 2069 Cloud Platforms
BIOL 4001 Coastal Environments
PHYS 2003 Computational Science 1
PHYS 2005 Computational Science 2
CIVE 1001 Construction 1
CIVE 1003 Construction Materials
BUIL 3010 Contract Administration
COMP 2012 Data Structures Essentials
INFS 2011 Database for the Enterprise
MATH 2023 Differential Equations 1
MATH 1043 Discrete Mathematics
EART 1010 Earth and Climate Systems
EEET 1027 Electrical and Electronic Systems
EEET 1003 Electrical Circuit Analysis
EEET 2046 Electronics (Theory and Techniques)
EART 3012 Engineering and Environmental Geology
ENGG 1004 Engineering Design and Innovation
RENG 1005 Engineering Materials
ENVT 1013 Environment, Society and Climate
ENVT 1016 Environmental Analytical Methods
ENVT 2014 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
ENVT 1019 Environmental Chemistry
ENVT 4032 Fire and Culture
MATH 2033 Geometry
INFS 4021 Human Factors and Cyber Criminal Behaviour
INFT 1016 Information Technology Fundamentals
AERO 1022 Introduction to Aviation
AERO 1024 Introduction to Aviation Management
BUIL 1023 Introduction to Construction Business Management
BUIL 1007 Introduction to Construction Management
BUIL 2019 Introduction to Contract Administration
GEOE 1018 Introduction to Surveying and Spatial Sciences
PHYS 3001 Lasers and Optics
MATH 1056 Linear Algebra
MATH 2014 Linear Programming and Networks
MATH 2024 Mathematical Communication
MATH 1063 Mathematical Methods for Engineers 1
MATH 1064 Mathematical Methods for Engineers 2
MATH 2028 Mathematical Methods for Engineers 3
MATH 1039 Mathematics for Laboratory Sciences
INFT 1012 Network Fundamentals
COMP 1046 Object Oriented Programming
MATH 3009 Optimisation
COMP 1039 Problem Solving and Programming
COMP 1045 Programming Concepts
MATH 1053 Quantitative Methods for Business
MATH 1065 Quantitative Methods in Health
EEET 3050 Renewable Energy Systems
MATH 1071 Research Methods and Statistics
COMP 2034 Software Development
EART 1011 Soils in the Australian Landscape
NASC 2010 Space Missions
MATH 1068 Statistical Methods
CIVE 1002 Structures 1
ENGG 3004 Supply Chain and Inventory Management
MENG 4022 Sustainable Development and Design Practice
BIOL 1015 Sustainable Ecosystems
ENGG 1003 Sustainable Engineering Practice
CIVE 4039 Traffic Engineering
BUIL 3022 UO Advanced Contract Administration
INFS 3087 UO Advanced Topics in Data Analytics
INFS 2046 UO Agile Development and Governance
INFS 3084 UO Big Data Concepts
INFS 3088 UO Big Data in the Cloud
BUIL 1024 UO Building Estimating
CIVE 2013 UO Building Services
CIVE 3015 UO Building Surveying
INFS 2038 UO Business Intelligence
INFT 2066 UO Cloud Platforms
CIVE 1005 UO Construction 1
CIVE 2014 UO Construction 2
CIVE 3016 UO Construction 3
BUIL 1025 UO Construction Communication
BUIL 2027 UO Construction Cost Planning
CIVE 2015 UO Construction Environmental Science
CIVE 1006 UO Construction Materials
BUIL 3023 UO Construction Operations and Safety
BUIL 2028 UO Construction Scheduling
BUIL 3024 UO Contract Administration
JUST 3006 UO Cybercrime and Digital Evidence
INFT 2067 UO Data Acquisition and Wrangling
INFT 1032 UO Data Driven Web Technologies
INFS 3080 UO Data Visualisation
INFT 2068 UO Database for the Enterprise
INFS 1023 UO Design Thinking and Digital Innovation
BUIL 4030 UO Development Regulation
EEET 1029 UO Electrical and Electronic Systems
EEET 1028 UO Electrical Circuit Analysis
ENGG 1005 UO Engineering Design and Innovation
RENG 1006 UO Engineering Materials
MENG 1014 UO Engineering Mechanics
INFT 3045 UO Enterprise Systems
INFS 2049 UO Experimental Design
BUIL 4031 UO Fire Technology
MATH 1080 UO Fundamentals of Mathematics for Data Analytics
INFT 1024 UO Information Technology Fundamentals
BUIL 1026 UO Introduction to Construction Business Management
BUIL 1027 UO Introduction to Construction Management
BUIL 2029 UO Introduction to Contract Administration
ENGG 1006 UO Introduction to Engineering Chemistry
INFT 3046 UO Machine Learning
MATH 1078 UO Mathematical Methods for Engineers 1
MATH 1079 UO Mathematical Methods for Engineers 2
MATH 1081 UO Mathematics Essentials in Data Analytics
INFT 1026 UO Network Fundamentals
COMP 1048 UO Object Oriented Programming
INFS 3081 UO Predictive Analytics
COMP 1043 UO Problem Solving and Programming
INFS 1028 UO Professional Practice in Data Analytics
COMP 1047 UO Programming Concepts
BUIL 3025 UO Project Appraisal
MATH 1075 UO Quantitative Methods for Business
BUIL 1028 UO Quantity Surveying Practice 1
MATH 2032 UO R for Data Analytics
INFS 3085 UO Risk Management and Governance
INFS 3086 UO Security Foundations
CIVE 1007 UO Structures 1
CIVE 2016 UO Structures 2
ENGG 1007 UO Sustainable Engineering Practice
INFS 2048 UO System Design and Realisation
INFS 2047 UO System Design Practice
INFS 1029 UO System Requirements and User Experience
INFS 1027 UO System Requirements Practice
INFS 3089 UO Text and Social Media Analytics
ENGG 4006 Work Integrated Learning