Undergraduate Electives

The University of South Australia encourages graduates to acquire broad concepts, knowledge and skills beyond those gained through their specialist professional study. This is achieved through the requirement that all students complete at least one elective as part of their undergraduate degree of study.

The links below provide lists of courses which have been recommended as suitable electives by the area offering them. Further details on each course are available on the individual course homepage.

These electives are not available for UniSA Online students. Please refer to UniSA Online electives webpage for more information. 

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Electives offered by UniSA Education Futures

Course code Course title
UniSA Education Futures
EDUC 1111 Arabic Level 1A
EDUC 2096 Asia Literacy and the Asian Century
LANG 2039 Asian Languages In-Country
EDUC 1099 Becoming a Primary Teacher with an Arts Specialisation
EDUC 3065 Brain Development in the Early Years
EDUC 1069 Catholic Scriptures: An Introduction
EDUC 2076 Dance and Music: Social Dreaming
EDUC 1090 Design and Production 1
EDUC 2069 Design and Production 2
EDUC 2101 Digital Electronics
EDUC 3078 Drama and Visual Arts: Story Landscapes
EDUC 2083 Dramatic Texts Over Eras
EDUC 2094 Eastern Origins of Western Civilisations
LANG 2032 English and the Art of Speaking and Writing
LANG 1053 English for Academic and International Communication
LANG 1052 English for Academic Use in Australia
LANG 2033 English in the Professions
LANG 3036 European Languages In-Country
LANG 1022 French 1A
LANG 1023 French 1B
LANG 1024 French 2A
LANG 1025 French 2B
LANG 3004 French 3A
LANG 3005 French 3B
EDUC 2093 Grammar Across the Curriculum
EDUC 3072 Islam and Global Politics
EDUC 1096 Islamic Civilisations
EDUC 2072 Islamic Law 101
LANG 1026 Italian 1A
LANG 1027 Italian 1B
LANG 1029 Italian 2A
LANG 1028 Italian 2B
LANG 1033 Japanese 1A
LANG 1034 Japanese 1B
LANG 1031 Japanese 2A
LANG 1032 Japanese 2B
EDUC 1092 Materials and Technologies 1
EDUC 2071 Materials and Technologies 2
LANG 2031 Pitjantjatjara Language and Culture
EDUC 4227 Production, Presentation and Audience in Arts Education
EDUC 2065 Science and Sustainability 1B: Atmosphere and Climate
EDUC 4235 Teacher as Director
EDUC 2061 Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education
EDUC 1110 Teaching for Creative Artistry in Secondary Schools
EDUC 3087 Theatre as Change and Transformation
EDUC 1097 Understanding Islam
CURR 3021 UO Critical Approaches to Online Learning