Undergraduate Electives

The University of South Australia encourages graduates to acquire broad concepts, knowledge and skills beyond those gained through their specialist professional study. This is achieved through the requirement that all students complete at least one elective as part of their undergraduate degree of study.

The links below provide lists of courses which have been recommended as suitable electives by the area offering them. Further details on each course are available on the individual course homepage.

These electives are not available for UniSA Online students. Please refer to UniSA Online electives webpage for more information. 

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Electives offered by UniSA Creative

Course code Course title
UniSA Creative
VSAR 1104 2D Contemporary Art Studio
VSAR 1105 3D Contemporary Art Studio
COMM 3057 Advanced Professional Writing
VSAR 2046 Alternative Drawing Processes
GRAP 2028 Animation Design
ARCH 3053 Architecture and Modernity
VSAR 3016 Art and Critical Thinking
VSAR 2069 Black and White Photography
VSAR 2076 Ceramic Production Techniques
VSAR 2078 Ceramic Vessels
COMM 2083 Character Performance
LANG 2015 Children's Literature: Picture Books
INFT 1019 Cinematic Design
COMM 1006 Communication and Media
COMM 2078 Communication Research Methods
VSAR 1106 Contemporary Art Research
ARCH 2021 Contemporary Design Theory
HUMS 3047 Contemporary Ideas in Creative Arts and Humanities
COMM 2079 Content Creation for Media
VSAR 2109 Contextualising Studio Practice
GRAP 2019 Creative Thinking Methods
COMM 1061 Creative Writing and Literature: An Introduction
LANG 3043 Creative Writing Theory and Practice
COMM 1045 Creative Writing Workshop
HUMS 1061 Cultural Policy, Activism and Advocacy
ARCH 1021 Design, Culture and Environment
PERF 2014 Digital Performance
COMP 3027 Digital Processes and Application
GRAP 1022 Drawing for Product Design
VSAR 2048 Drawing Techniques for Visual Arts
PERF 1001 Effective Communication
ARCH 2034 Ergonomic and Cultural Factors in Furniture Design
VSAR 2057 Etching and Intaglio Printmaking
HUMS 2037 Everyday Cultures Now and Then
VSAR 3020 Expanded Painting Practices
VSAR 2103 Experimental Media
VSAR 3019 Figurative Practices
VSAR 1110 Foundation: Creativity
VSAR 1108 Foundation: Principles of Perception
VSAR 2031 Gender, Sexuality, and the Queer Image
COMM 1077 Global Film and Television
INFT 1015 Hollywood Film and Television
VSAR 2104 Hot Glass Techniques and Processes
COMM 1060 Ideas, Innovation and Communication
VSAR 2020 Internet and Digital Media
COMM 1067 Introduction to CGI
COMM 1080 Introduction to Comicbooks as Literature
GRAP 1026 Introduction to Computer Modelling for Product Design
COMM 1081 Introduction to Creative Industries
HUMS 1054 Introduction to Cultural Studies
INFT 1014 Introduction to Digital Media
GRAP 1030 Introduction to Games Design
COMM 1078 Introduction to Screen Sound
COMM 1079 Introduction to Screenwriting
VSAR 2105 Jewellery Materials and Techniques
COMM 1062 Journalism: Principles and Practices
VSAR 2106 Kiln Formed Glass Techniques and Processes
VSAR 2049 Life Drawing
ARCH 2027 Match Studio Projects
VSAR 1111 Materials and Processes
COMM 1059 Media Contexts
COMM 2076 Media Law and Ethics
PERF 1010 Music Performance
PERF 2022 Music Production
VSAR 2018 New Media Art
COMM 1064 News Reporting
VSAR 2054 Painting Media and Processes
VSAR 2066 Photography: The Evolution of an Image
HUMS 2046 Popular Music: Industry, Culture and Identity
VSAR 2108 Processes and Forms in Jewellery and Sculptural Objects
COMM 1063 Production for News and Social Media
COMM 1065 Professional and Technical Communication
COMM 3037 Professional Writing
COMM 1057 Public Relations Theory and Practice
VSAR 1100 Reading Visual Culture 1
VSAR 2100 Reading Visual Culture 2
VSAR 2058 Relief and Alternative Printmaking
HUMS 3050 Researching Culture
LANG 2042 Reworking the Canon
COMM 2085 Screen Genres and Media Hybrids
COMM 2100 Screen Media Authorships
COMM 2058 Short Form Creative Writing
PERF 1011 Stage Performance
VSAR 2023 Textiles: Fibre and Structure
VSAR 2014 The Moving Image: Film, Art and Theory
LANG 2005 The Power of Story
VSAR 2063 The Sculptural Object
LANG 3042 The Writer's World
HUMS 2045 Understanding Popular Culture
GRAP 2035 UO Animation Design
HUMS 2041 UO Archives and the Digital World
COMM 2089 UO Broadcast Journalism
COMM 1072 UO Communication and Media
COMM 3075 UO Communication Management in Practice
COMM 2090 UO Communication Research Methods
COMM 2092 UO Content Creation for Media
COMM 2087 UO Design for Digital Technologies
COMM 3070 UO Digital Documentary
GRAP 1027 UO Digital Graphics and Imaging
COMM 3071 UO Digital Mediascapes
GRAP 1032 UO Digital Photography
COMM 1086 UO Emerging Media Contexts
COMM 3090 UO Entrepreneurial Journalism
COMM 3073 UO Feature Writing
COMM 2104 UO Innovations in Visual Journalism
HUMS 2042 UO Innovative Curatorial Studies
COMM 3077 UO Integrated Communication Planning
COMM 1087 UO Introduction to Broadcasting
INFT 1028 UO Introduction to Digital Media
COMM 1073 UO Introduction to Social Media
HUMS 1058 UO Introduction to the GLAM sector - Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums
INFT 1029 UO Introduction to Video Production
COMM 3091 UO Investigative and Long Form Journalism
COMM 2105 UO Journalism Theory and Practice
COMM 1088 UO Journalism: Principles and Practices
COMM 2091 UO Media Law and Ethics
HUMS 3052 UO Narrating Objects, Art and Archives
COMM 1074 UO News Reporting
COMM 1075 UO Professional and Technical Communication
COMM 3078 UO Promotional Communication: Advertising, Publicity and Marketing
COMM 1076 UO Public Relations: Theory and Practice
COMM 2106 UO Radio and Audio Journalism
COMM 3084 UO Social Media Engagement
COMM 2107 UO Social Media for Journalists
COMM 3093 UO Television and Video Journalism
COMM 3094 UO Travel Writing
GRAP 3015 UO Web Design
COMM 2088 UO Writing for Digital Media
LANG 3030 World Literatures and English
COMM 2009 Writing and Editing for Publication