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Here you’ll find all the information you need to know about Year 12 admission, including UniSA Guaranteed Entry, which will secure your place into your preferred degree through your Selection Rank or Year 12 subject grades.

At UniSA, we will consider both your Year 12 subject grades and Selection Rank for entry into any eligible UniSA degrees in your SATAC application. There’s nothing more you need to do.

Remember if a UniSA degree is your preferred choice, then make sure it’s listed as your first preference.

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Entry via Selection Rank
(ATAR + Adustment Factors)

If you’re applying to university based on your Year 12 results, you’ll be selected for entry based on:

  • Completing the SACE or an equivalent Year 12 qualification (including the International Baccalaureate diploma); and
  • Achieving a competitive Selection Rank (ATAR + Adjustment Factors) and meeting any prerequisite or other essential admission requirements.

Entry via Year 12 Grades

New this year, UniSA is offering guaranteed entry based on your three best Year 12 subject grades for most of our degrees. If you achieve the grades and you put us as your first preference, that’s it, you’re automatically in. 


  • Subjects need to be 20-credit Stage 2 Tertiary Admission Subjects (TAS) 
  • Students need to achieve a minimum ATAR of 50 
  • Students must meet any additional eligibility criteria including prerequisite subjects  

Frequently asked questions

Additional information for

  • Entry with the International Baccalaureate minus-thick plus-thick

    To be eligible for entry through the International Baccalaureate (IB), students are required to have: 

    • Qualified for their IB diploma, achieving a minimum IB score of 24 points;
    • Achieved an equivalent competitive Selection Rank (ATAR + Adjustment Factors); and
    • Obtained the required grades for any prerequisite subjects as listed below.

    IB grades required for prerequisite subjects are as follows:

    SACE Stage 2 Equivalent IB subject Required grades
    Mathematical Methods 

    Mathematics: analysis and approaches (HL)
    Mathematics: analysis and approaches
    Mathematics: applications and interpretation (HL) 
    Mathematics: applications and interpretation (SL)

    All HL subjects must be passed at minimum Grade 3 
    All SL subjects must be passed at minimum Grade 4 
    Specialist Mathematics  Mathematics: analysis and approaches (HL)
    Mathematics: analysis and approaches
    Mathematics: applications and interpretation (HL) 
    Mathematics: applications and interpretation (SL)
    Chemistry  Chemistry (HL)  
    Chemistry (SL)  
    Physics  Physics (HL) 
    Physics (SL)  

    For additional information, contact  SATAC

  • Entry for interstate students minus-thick plus-thick

    Are you applying to study at UniSA using your interstate year 12 qualifications? If so, here’s some information you'll need to know.

  • Entry for international Year 12 students minus-thick plus-thick

    If you’re an international student who has studied their final year of high school in South Australia, you can use your Year 12 results to apply for a UniSA degree, much like a domestic student.

    Applications are completed through SATAC.

Alternative entry pathways

banner-college.jpgUniSA College

UniSA College offers a range of pathway programs to help you gain alternative entry into university. If you don’t have the qualifications to gain direct entry into your preferred bachelor’s degree, then we’re here to help.

Our programs will prepare you for university study by building your academic skills and prerequisite knowledge. You'll experience life as a UniSA student, learn from UniSA staff and have access to a full range of support services.

Once you’ve successfully completed your program, you'll be able to seamlessly transfer into one of UniSA’s undergraduate degrees.

Our programs include:

  • Foundation Studies is a free*, one-year program, which allows you to competitively apply for your preferred UniSA degree using your Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Diplomas are two-years of full-time study, which allow you to enter second year of one of our 100+ linked UniSA degrees.
  • Aboriginal Pathway Program is a free*, one-year program, specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with no previous qualifications, which enables you to competitively apply for your preferred UniSA degree using your Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Packaged programs guarantee you entry into a range of UniSA degrees, including areas like education, business, construction, engineering, IT, science, public health and more.

Add a UniSA College pathway to your SATAC application as a back-up option to your preferred UniSA degrees.

*Students will be required to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee determined by the Australian Government.

Visit the UniSA College website for more information


Previous Year 12 Study

If you’ve completed high school previously, you may be eligible to gain entry into your preferred UniSA degree using your Year 12 results regardless of when you graduated. Your Selection Rank is valid up until you complete two-years of university study.


Applying using TAFE/VET qualifications? Visit our website to find out more about eligibility, guaranteed entry using your TAFE/VET qualifications, and also whether you’re eligible to receive credit for previous study.

Tertiary Transfer

If your Year 12 results were lower than expected, you have the option of starting a different degree then using your competitive Grade Point Average (GPA) to transfer into your first preference. You can do this after completing four courses, which is typically one full-time study period at UniSA or another recognised higher education institution. Students are also able to transfer into different degrees if they change their mind, using their competitive GPA and after completing a minimum of four courses.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

If you don't have a competitive result from Year 12, VET or previous university study, you may qualify for special entry into your preferred UniSA degree by choosing to sit the STAT – 70 multiple choice questions designed to assess your aptitude for tertiary study. Your results will be used to create a ranking that you can then use to compete for entry with other special entry applicants. To be eligible, you must be aged over 18 years by 1 February (or 1 July for midyear entry) in the year you wish to commence your study.