University life offers a range of opportunities and experiences to be embraced and enjoyed. It offers a pathway to the future and the knowledge needed for a successful career or to follow a particular field of interest. It also offers students opportunities to build lifelong friendships, broaden their horizons and maximise their opportunities. While only they can forge their own path, the support and understanding of parents, partners and friends can make a significant difference to a student’s success.

You can play a critical role in helping support your student choose a study program and get the most out of their university experience. UniSA is here to help you with useful tips and pointers.

Parents Guide

Guide for Parents

This guide will provide you with some key insights into university life and how to support students starting their university adventure.

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More information for parents, partners and friends of current UniSA students can be found on our Q&A for parents, partners and friends web page.

Identify your child’s interests and career choices

Explore with your child their interests, strengths and skills. Consider past work experience and volunteer work to determine their areas of interest or skills. Once interests, strengths and skills have been narrowed down, help them choose a career that will allow them to express these points. This may take some time. In fact many students change their minds regularly and even change degrees.Encourage your children to attend UniSA's Open Day. This will be their (and your) chance to learn about the benefits of studying at UniSA, listen to lectures about study options and tour the campus. UniSA information sessions are also a good option for students to take a closer look at all the UniSA programs on offer.

Choose a study program

After identifying interests and career options, help your child select relevant UniSA programs. Students are encouraged to sign up to UniSA to receive updates direct to their inbox that are tailored to their career interests.Help your child research, perhaps with assistance from a School Career Adviser, their selected programs and identify specific entry requirements (such as ATAR scores, prerequisites and assumed knowledge). Make sure they are able to meet each of these prior to application. Take into consideration that students may be eligible for bonus points.

Life at university

The transition from school to university can be quite dramatic. At university, students are expected to be more independent and are treated like an adult. UniSA has a friendly and flexible environment that allows students to succeed in their studies. We support students to have fun, make new friends and enjoy life. Read more about life at university and the support services and facilities available.

University costs

The costs of university will be different for everyone. At UniSA students are offered either a 'Commonwealth supported place' or a 'fee-paying place'. A Commonwealth supported place means that the Australian Government contributes to the costs and student pays a 'student contribution' (formerly known as HECS). Check out Fees and finances for more detail. Encourage your child to explore and apply for scholarships, which are available to those who are high achieving and most in need.If your child is coming from interstate or the country, explore your child’s accommodation options.