History and Global Politics



Major, Minor, Sub-Major


Students will study a range of global politics and history courses that cover topics such as: framing international politics through film and documentaries; global aid and development; the politics of environmental change in Australia and Asia; world history trends and transformations; Global Power in the Indo-Pacific Region; marginalisation in world affairs; power and resistance; the US in world affairs.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Global Politics and Development POLI 1020 4.5 1
World History Trends and Transformations HUMS 1055 4.5 1
Global Power in the Indo-Pacific Region POLI 2032 4.5 2
Framing the International: Representations of Global Politics POLI 2030 4.5 2
The four courses listed in the Minor plus two of the following:
The Politics of Environmental Change in Australia and Asia POLI 2031 4.5 2
Power and Resistance: 1900 - Present HUMS 3049 4.5 3
United States History and Cultural Identities HUMS 3055 4.5 3
Villains, Victims and Outsiders: Marginalisation in World Affairs POLI 3019 4.5 3
The History and Global Politics MAJOR comprises all eight courses in this Schedule




  1. Students intending to apply for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) must complete a minimum of six courses or equivalent for a Major Learning Area, or four courses or equivalent for a Minor Learning Area. Applicants for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) must have both a Major and a Minor Learning Area to qualify for entry. Students should consult with their Program Director for a schedule of recommended courses.