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3 year(s) full-time


Program Code

424949 (Internal)

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Full-time or part-time


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Entry Scores
2024 Guaranteed Entry
Year 12 (ATAR-based): 68.00
Year 12 (Grades-based): B,B,B
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2023 Cut-Offs
Year 12 (ATAR-based):
- Internal: 68.00
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Degree overview

  • Combine the diversity of core business courses with cutting edge digital knowledge and graduate with a hybrid skillset that's highly valuable to employers.
  • Learn from UniSA and Accenture experts about embracing and implementing the latest digital technologies.
  • Understand how current and emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionising the way we do business. 
  • Learn to implement in-demand problem-solving approaches and tools such as design thinking, Agile, and business communication
  • Adopt a digital-first mindset to transform products, services and business operations.
  • Fast-track your career goals with industry-endorsed qualifications and an influential professional network of digital business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Gain real-world experience as part of your studies through internship opportunities, and interview for Accenture's world-class graduate experience.
  • Study a degree globally recognised as relevant, impactful and visionary as one of AACSB's 2023 Innovations That Inspire.
  • Join a university ranked no.1 in SA for both graduate careers and student satisfaction in business and management1.
  • UniSA Business is accredited by both AACSB International and EFMD (EQUIS) – the world’s leading accreditation bodies2.

1ComparED (QILT) Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020-22 – Full-time Employment Indicator (Domestic Undergraduate). SA public universities.
2UniSA Business is one of just 12 institutions in Australia and approximately 200 globally (from over 25,000 universities) to be EQUIS accredited. EFMD, March 2022.



Over the next four years, it’s estimated that Australia will need an additional 6.5 million digital workers to keep up with our growing reliance on digital technologies.1

The Bachelor of Digital Business combines business fundamentals and digital technology to help you understand technology's crucial role in any business, and take advantage of this skills gap.

You'll learn directly from some of Accenture’s top digital and business minds in a degree co-designed and co-taught by industry. And all final year students will be invited to interview for the graduate experience at Accenture, an opportunity to take your place in one of the world’s largest independent professional services companies.

Learn to adapt to the rapid pace of digital transformation and build broad and enduring skills that will future-proof your career. You’ll be able to apply your new skills from day one, as the degree is delivered using practical, work-integrated learning experiences.

Real business experiences, including internship opportunities, will help you to achieve your career goals faster and give you the skills employers are searching for.

The Bachelor of Digital Business is the first degree offered by The Innovation Academy, an initiative combining the best of Accenture’s global practice and expertise with UniSA’s proven leadership in transformative, industry-informed business education and research. The Bachelor of Digital Business can also be studied 100% online through UniSA Online

1Natasha Body, Australia needs 6.5m digital workers in the next four years, Australian Financial Review, 18 February 2021.

What you'll learn

What you Learn

You'll learn a new hybrid skillset of advanced digital and business principles for a broad and future-proof career.

Learn how to use marketing automation to convert customers, when to use artificial intelligence to streamline processes, why cloud systems can make collaboration easier, and understand how technology can make the difference between business growth and decline.

You'll also have access to industry case studies and projects to help you:

  • discover how business and technology have evolved to become inseparable
  • understand how emerging technologies will shape organisations in the future
  • learn to apply advanced leadership, stakeholder management, and change management methodologies 
  • explore how to scope and implement digital projects.

The Bachelor of Digital Business takes you further than the basics, combining the best of Accenture's global practice and expertise with UniSA's proven leadership in business education and research. You'll build a suite of creative problem-solving tools that will put you at the forefront of change and the job market.

You can gain an extra qualification and broaden your career prospects by completing a Diploma in Languages.

Degree structure

Course name Area and cat no. Units Reference  
Year 1
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2, or 3)
Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange MARK 1010 4.5 Note(s): 2
Information Technology Fundamentals INFT 1016 4.5
Accounting for Business ACCT 1008 4.5 Note(s): 2
Introduction to Digital Disruption in Business BUSS 1074 4.5
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Principles of Economics ECON 1008 4.5 Note(s): 2
Elective 4.5 Note(s): 2 Rule(s): 1
Management and Organisation BUSS 2068 4.5 Note(s): 2
Exploring Digital Technology in Business BUSS 1073 4.5
Year 2
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2, or 3)
Entrepreneurship for Social and Market Impact BUSS 2085 4.5 Note(s): 2
Elective 4.5 Note(s): 2 Rule(s): 2
Management Accounting ACCT 2006 4.5
Project Management: Principles and Strategies INFS 2022 4.5
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Organisational Behaviour BUSS 2046 4.5
Cloud Platforms INFT 2069 4.5
Digital Solution Methodologies BUSS 2090 4.5
UO Designing Digital Solutions BUSS 2088 4.5
Year 3
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2, or 3)
Managing Decision Making BUSS 3087 4.5
UO Digital Business Value BUSS 3117 4.5
Security Principles INFS 5115 4.5
UO Digital Business Solutions BUSS 3116 4.5
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
International Business Environments BUSS 3103 4.5
Strategic Management BUSS 3023 4.5
Option 1
Solving Business Challenges BUSS 3079 4.5
Virtual Industry Internship BUSS 3100 4.5 Rule(s): 3,4
Business Practicum BUSS 3080 4.5 Rule(s): 3,4
Option 2
Solving Business Challenges BUSS 3079 4.5
Virtual Industry Internship BUSS 3100 4.5 Rule(s): 3,4
Business Practicum BUSS 3080 4.5 Rule(s): 3,4
Elective 4.5 Note(s): 2 Rule(s): 5
Option 3
Business Internship 30 Days BUSS 3010 9 Note(s): 1 Rule(s): 4

Study hours

For each course you study, you will need to allocate time for various classes such as lectures, tutorials, workshops, seminars and practicals. Plus you will need additional hours to study in your own time to complete assignments, readings and projects, as well as to contribute to online discussion forums (independent study). So as a general rule, if you are studying full-time you would need to allocate 12–26 hours of study when at university and 14–28 hours of independent study per week. 



Your studies at UniSA will incorporate both practical, professional and research-based learning, so assessment types will vary. You can expect them to include:

  • reports, project documentation, case studies and presentations
  • essays and assignments
  • examinations
  • industry-relevant, research-based projects
  • practicals and team-based projects
  • contributions to the workplace and classroom

Global opportunities

Enrich your studies and your life – make overseas study part of your qualification. You may have the option to undertake an exchange, short-term program or study tour overseas while you study. We have links with universities worldwide, as well as a range of travel grants available to make going overseas much more accessible.

You can choose short-term or semester-long study from a range of universities and countries depending on your area of study and cultural interests.

Take a look at the global opportunities available.

Global opportunities

Why Bachelor of Digital Business

Why this Degree

The Bachelor of Digital Business will give you skills that you can apply on the job from day one in any business, in any industry. You'll be able to respond to the ever-changing digital landscape with skills and experience that will set you apart from your peers.

Accenture leaders teach the Bachelor of Digital Business degree alongside UniSA’s expert academics to give you the best of both worlds. You’ll have access to the latest digital business developments, paid internship opportunities, industry networks and hold a degree from one of Australia’s top universities.

UniSA Digital Business students will also have exclusive access to the Accenture Room, a dedicated online space where students can connect with leading Accenture experts, and get the opportunity to interview for Accenture’s graduate experience.

You’ll learn through innovative work-integrated learning opportunities designed to simulate practical industry projects and apply practical skills through industry assessments.

With more than half of employers believing that multiple emerging technologies will become standard in their business1, digital business graduates will be well prepared for the future.

12022 AWS Global Digital Skills Study | The economic benefits of a tech savvy workforce.

Real-world connections

In addition to learning from teachers with professional experience as part of your studies, we also offer opportunities for you to connect with industry outside the classroom.

  • Complete an industry project
  • Undertake a Business Internship and apply the skills and knowledge gained from your studies in a real workplace setting
  • Apply for competitive internship opportunities with Accenture and learn by working on practical projects
  • Become a global citizen with our overseas exchange program – we have more than 60 partner universities worldwide, and study options that range from two weeks to one year
  • Build your networks and career by participating in our Business Career Mentor Program, which pairs you with an experienced business professional
  • Meet one-to-one with a senior business executive and industry leader through our Executive in Residence program. This initiative enables you to seek expert guidance for your career development and support to advance your career

We host regular University-wide careers events and workshopsexpos, and alumni events in Australia and overseas. 

Online study

Online study

Part, or all, of this degree can be studied online. With interactive online course materials and a 24/7 learning environment you can organise your study to suit your lifestyle. You can:

  • study online, including accessing videos and course resources
  • participate in an interactive online learning environment
  • submit your assignments and get feedback online
  • use discussion forums for team work and communication

Please note that for some degrees, some on-campus attendance (such as to attend seminars, workshops or examinations) and/or placements may apply. Any requirements like this are detailed on individual course pages.

Thrive in an increasingly digital world

Hear from Dr Sarah Chua, Digital Business Program Director and Garrick Southgate, Associate Director at Accenture as they discuss the rapid pace of technological change, and how the Bachelor of Digital Business can help you into a digital-first career. 

UniSA Video

Career outcomes

Your career

Digital workers are in high demand as the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technology uptake - 33% of employers reported that they had brought in automation or new technology due to COVID-19 and this trend is set to continue.1

There is strong demand for graduates with high-level business and digital skills across a wide range of job roles and industry sectors. The Bachelor of Digital Business will give you skills that you can apply on the job from day one in any industry. You'll have a transferable skill set across a range of roles and sectors.

Wherever you want to work, there’ll be a place for you.

Careers to consider may include:

Digital business solution and transformation consultant: Monitor changes to digital technologies and identify implementation opportunities to transform organisational activities, processes, competencies, and models; assess the accelerating impact of technology on business and strategy; develop strategies for digital solution implementation; imagine and plan for present and future technological shifts.

Business analyst: Use data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations; engage with stakeholders to determine how changes to products, services, processes, software, and hardware can improve efficiencies; support business decisions and develop strategies to effectively achieve organisational objectives.

Business development roles: Develop strong long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders to build strategic partnerships; work on negotiations, increase sales growth and make recommendations for business expansion; assess and implement new market opportunities, competitor developments, and current revenue sources.

Digital transformation lead: Understand the global vision of the organisation, how the various stakeholders interact, and the current level of digitisation; audit digital efficiency, define objectives, and enact a digital transformation plan; manage the budget, coordinate teams, manage organisational change and influence management.

Entrepreneur: Use skills and initiative to recognise or anticipate a need that isn’t being met and bring new ideas to the market; develop an idea or business, create a business plan, attract investment and financing, and provide leadership and management for a new business; forecast future business changes and identify further opportunities.

Management consultant: Problem-solve for a broad range of complex clients and organisations; improve the financial and operational health of organisations by providing strategic advice; develop business proposals and visualise data to explain complex ideas in easy-to-understand formats for a variety of stakeholders.

Business systems analyst: Study the business and information technology needs of an organisation to analyse problems and develop solutions; identify areas of opportunity or improvement, and consult on strategy development; deliver projects and initiatives involving business processes, business change, and technology solutions; oversee implementation of systems while consulting with management, stakeholders, or clients to ensure all requirements are met.

Business change consultant: Design, execute, measure and control business processes; introduce innovation to process management to achieve enhanced effectiveness and efficiency; recommend adjustments to workflow, schedules, and other processes; manage stakeholders and effectively manage meaningful change in organisations.

1National Skills Commission, The State of Australia’s Skills 2021

Industry facts


More than half of employers believe that multiple emerging technologies will be standard in their business.

2022 AWS Global Digital Skills Study | The economic benefits of a tech savvy workforce.


Australia will need an extra 6.5 million digital workers in the next four years to keep up with technological change.

Unlocking APAC’s Digital Potential, Amazon, 2021


More than 85% of organisations identify adoption of new and frontier technologies, and broadening digital access, as the trends most likely to drive transformation in their organisation.

World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs Report 2023.

How to apply

Applying to study with us:

  • go to the top of this page and make note of the SATAC code, then click Apply
  • you will be redirected through to the SATAC website to continue your application

Alternative Pathways


This degree is available for deferment. This option is made available by responding to your offer during the application process via the SATAC website. Applicants who receive an offer into a midyear degree are eligible to defer for six months.


Every year, over 2,500 UniSA students are supported in their studies through scholarships and grants worth millions of dollars. Check out the scholarships below. One of them may be perfect for you. Visit our scholarships page for more.

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Your study experience and support

Our campuses are home to fantastic facilities including modern lecture theatres, libraries, workshops and laboratories, as well as spaces that simulate real work environments. But you’ll also discover that your journey at UniSA is about social experiences, healthy living and getting involved. You’ll find student sports and fitness facilities, community clinics, tech zones and chill-out spaces. There are campus sport activities to keep you active, and if you are keen to explore the social side of university life, there are movies, cooking demonstrations, parties and loads more.

Adelaide also has a variety of accommodation options to suit different requirements and budgets. Options include dedicated student accommodation and private rentals. See our long-term accommodation pages, or explore our student accommodation by Scape on Bank Street in Adelaide’s lively cultural precinct, an ideal location for students. It is within easy reach of UniSA’s city and metropolitan campuses, Rundle Mall shopping, the Central Market, Chinatown, and the West End’s vibrant nightlife. It is also across the road from the Adelaide train station, and on bus and tram routes.

Student services

Student services

Our student services provide you with all the support you need at university. We want you to succeed, and if you need help, we're here to assist. You can access a full range of support services, including:

  • academic counselling
  • personal counselling
  • social support services, including family support and nearby childcare
  • common rooms
  • prayer rooms
  • security officers
  • career services and mentoring
  • Wirringka Student Services, offering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students a supportive place to study
  • as well as services offered through our student association, USASA.

When you become a UniSA student, you can also contact Campus Central for help with anything related to your degree. They will help you with your enrolment, ID cards, fees, timetables and more.

24/7 digital environment

Our learnonline facilities include a personal learning environment with virtual classrooms, lecture recordings, emails, learning support, administration, library access and results. The environment is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can tailor your learning to your life. We are continually investing in innovative digital technologies for a high-quality student learning experience.

Student services

Your campus

We have six campuses in metropolitan and regional areas, each with modern facilities including lecture theatres, libraries and laboratories, as well as spaces that simulate real work environments.

Location This degree is delivered at the following campus.

Your program director

The Bachelor of Digital Business and our partnership with Accenture is a testament to the innovation and creativity of UniSA. This program will equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to become future digital business leaders, regardless of their career path.

Dr Susie Chant

Program Director

Portrait image for Dr Susie Chant
Portrait image for Dr Susie Chant

Dr Susie Chant

Program Director


Ask UniSA

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What others are saying

After observing the fast-paced changes in the digital technology landscape in organisations and its impact on business, I was motivated to enhance my current skills and expertise in this area to open up new career opportunities and enable professional growth and success. UniSA’s Bachelor of Digital Business curriculum and course offerings perfectly align with my career objective to be a catalyst for digital transformation in business, while online learning allows me to manage my work responsibilities alongside my studies.

Abhoy Bhattacharya

Bachelor of Digital Business


Abhoy Bhattacharya

Bachelor of Digital Business

I am passionate about blending technological innovation and new ways of working to deliver value to our clients' digital projects. Accenture is developing a quarter of the courses in this degree, and it is a pleasure to share my expertise and unique experiences with the team to ensure course content is truly informed by industry.

Anuradha Bhowmick

Technology Strategy Senior Manager | Accenture Australia


Anuradha Bhowmick

Technology Strategy Senior Manager | Accenture Australia

How to build the digital skills that are so in demand in industry is top of the agenda with many of my clients.  I am excited to be working with UniSA to create the Bachelor of Digital Business, which focuses on the skills and capabilities we know organisations are looking for.  It’s one thing to learn about digital technologies, it’s another thing to be able to apply them to successfully solve business problems as part of a team in real life! The Accenture content in this program is focused on both. You will learn from our technology experts sharing cutting-edge applications fresh from our innovation and research labs, as well as from our industry practitioners who work with clients to implement solutions.

Dr Garrick Southgate

Program Lead, Bachelor of Digital Business | Accenture Australia

Garrick Southgate.jpg

Dr Garrick Southgate

Program Lead, Bachelor of Digital Business | Accenture Australia

At Accenture we work at the leading edge of technology and human ingenuity to help clients address their most complex mission-critical issues. The need for people with a strategic understanding of business and digital technology is greater than ever before. We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking program, co-designed with UniSA, to help skill the leaders of tomorrow to drive consistent change and innovation.

Jordan Griffiths

Managing Director Operations | Accenture Australia


Jordan Griffiths

Managing Director Operations | Accenture Australia

The Bachelor of Digital Business is exceptionally diverse, providing comprehensive knowledge across a wide range of disciplines. In just my first year, I've gained knowledge in law, IT, management, accounting, and economics. The program also offers abundant opportunities for networking, mentorship, and internships, fostering connections with the professional world. One day I would love to contribute to businesses by enhancing their efficiency, fostering growth, and creating harmonious work environments through the integration of technology. As technology advances, I envision a role where I help valuable businesses thrive and evolve in this dynamic landscape.

Lynette Cheung

Bachelor of Digital Business


Lynette Cheung

Bachelor of Digital Business