It is expected that those registered with the EAPP are clear, pre-emptive, responsible and respectful when asking for an flexibilities which would be considered to be special considerations.


Course Coordinators are responsible for providing students with 'reasonable adjustments', which can include extensions of time to complete an assessment task on the basis of your sporting or performance commitments. It is important to check your Course Outlines for details about extension procedures, as they can vary between courses. 

  • Applications for any extensions are made through the LearnOnline Course Website.
  • The application should be made before the due date of the assignment/assessment.
  • In your application note that you are an university-approved Elite Athlete or Performer and clearly state your reason/s for the request
  • Provide supporting evidence for your request e.g. competition registration confirmation or a letter from your coach.
  • Request an extension until a date which is realistic (e.g. you will have enough time to complete the assessment task) and reasonable (e.g. ideally within days rather than weeks).

Find out more about requesting an extension here.

Study Plans & Attendance Flexibility

Extensions can be helpful, but sometimes can contribute to a build-up of workload pressure.

If you will be away for long periods of time or have multiple upcoming competition or performance commitments it may be helpful to arrange a study plan with your Program Director to negotiate attendance alternatives and discuss how best to manage your study/training/competition schedules.


Deferring an Exam

As a Registered Elite Athlete and Performer you can apply for a secondary exam (deferred exam) if you have significant sporting or performance commitments at the time of your examination.

You will need to apply for the secondary assessment within five days of your exam or final assessment due date*. Please note that you are a university-approved Elite Athlete or Performer in your application and include the following supporting documentation:

  • Evidence of your participation the competition or performance  e.g. competition registration confirmation or a letter from your coach.
  • A copy of your EAPP registration confirmation email.

    *If the request has not submitted within five working days of the assessment, your online application should include a written statement explaining the reason for the delay in lodging the form.

Find out more about secondary assessments and how to apply.

Relocations & Cross-institutional study

If your sporting or performance commitments require you to relocate you may be able to study subjects at another university and receive credit towards your degree. This is known as 'cross-institutional study'.

Find out more about cross-institutional study here

If you need any assistance or information regarding our flexible study options for those registered on the EAPP please contact us at