Although our Elite Athlete program staff are here to assist you, it is your responsibility to be proactive in planning your studies. Being prepared and communicating any needs or issues early is essential for managing your studies whilst training and competing at an elite level in your sport. 

At the start of each study period:

  • Check the UniSA Academic Calendar for key dates regarding enrolment, withdrawals and exams.
    • Please notify your Course Coordinator/s if you find that there are any clashes with your sporting commitments, preferably at the start of the semester. 
  • Identify yourself to your Course Coordinator/s.
    • At the start of each study period it is expected that you will email your Course Coordinator/s to identify yourself as being registered with the EAPP.  You should also notify them of any planned absences or special arrangements which may be required due to your sporting commitments.
  • If your course includes a practical placement, check the placement timetable.
    • Notify your Course Coordinator/s if you may require assistance in arranging for a particular location or certain flexibilities (where possible). 
  • If you think you may not pass a course due to extended absences and would like to withdraw, please check the census date for the relevant study period. 


If you need any assistance or information please contact us at