The demands of both competition and study can make it hard to sustain a focus on your health and wellbeing. But a big part of being able to do your best at university is learning to strike the right balance. We are committed to helping our students to build resilience and thrive while they are here and long after they graduate and offer a range of free support services. 

Learning Advisers

Learning Advisers can provide study and assignment assistance to help you balance and achieve your academic and professional goals.

Areas they can assist with include:

  • Understanding different kinds of assignment tasks
  • Writing essays, reports and other types of assignments
  • Academic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Referencing and academic integrity
  • Adapting to university study
  • Managing your workload

You can book an appointment here to speak with a Learning Adviser in person or over the phone.

USASA Financial Counselling

The USASA Financial Counsellor can assist you with:

  • Developing a budget to help manage your finances.
  • Dealing with bad financial standing with the University.
  • Accessing emergency food support.
  • Information on how to access further financial support and assistance.

You can request an appointment online here.

Career Services for Students and Graduates

As an athlete or performer, you need to think of a career after elite competition. The transition to the next phase of your career needs consideration, planning and action. We can support you with achieving your career goals. We offer an extensive range of services, resources and tools to help you plan your career, get yourself ready for the workplace and most importantly find a job in your chosen field to help you enhance your success beyond sports.


UniSA‚Äôs Counselling Service offers free and confidential short term counselling to all students to help with managing any personal issues that could affect your studies. You can talk to the counsellors face-to-face or on the phone, depending on what you are comfortable with and your availability, and appointments can be booked online.

UniSA Health Medical Clinic

UniSA Health Medical ClinicThe UniSA Health Medical Clinic offers a wide range of programs and services. Australian and International Students, who have a current Medicare card or private health insurance with an approved provider are bulk billed and appointments can be booked online.