Immunisation is a mandatory requirement across all healthcare placement providers. In order to progress to clinical placement, you must be screened and provide evidence of your immunisation status. Non-compliance with the Health Care Workers Immunisation Policy will prevent you from progressing to clinical placement.

Immunisation guidelines

The SA Health Policy for Health Care Workers Addressing Vaccine-preventable Disease: Occupational Assessment,
Screening and Vaccination (2022) defines the minimum standards required to minimise the risk of transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Immunisation requirements for UniSA placement

UniSA's Immunisation Requirements for Placement package provides details of the required immunisations.

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Conditional evidence requirements - immunisations

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Satisfying interstate immunisation requirements

Influenza (Flu) Immunisation

ALL students are now required to receive the seasonal flu vaccine. This is due to changes in the Emergency Management Act, placement sites’ policies and University policy.

The UniSA Medical Centre’s are providing FREE flu vaccines for students at all UniSA campuses. To make an appointment for your flu vaccine, please call the UniSA Medical Clinic on 1300 172 996, or book online at Select ‘Book Online’, then select ‘Book a Flu Shot’ and ‘UniSA student’ and what campus you’d like to go to. Ensure you get a certificate of immunisation.

Can I get the flu vaccine at my GP or other health service?

If you do get the vaccine at another health service, please ensure you receive the FluQuadri vaccine. You MUST get a certificate of immunisation that includes ALL the details below:
  • the name of the facility
  • your full name and date of birth
  • the name of the vaccine (i.e.; Flu Quadri)
  • the date of vaccination
  • the batch number
  • who it was administered by

If you are unable to obtain your Vaccination providers certificate to follow the links to download your own immunisation history:


What do I do with the Influenza (Flu) Immunisation certificate?

Upload it to InPlace. There is a new field labelled ‘Influenza Immunisation Certificate’.
Keep the hardcopy of it in your Passport to Placement folder.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Students are strongly recommended to obtain TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccination. Many healthcare sites have already made this requirement mandatory for students undertaking a placement (from a set date). If you do not meet this requirement, your placement, and therefore, your Study Program may be impacted.

SA Health Student clinical placements COVID-19 Guidance Factsheet: Due to the changing COVID-19 environment, this fact sheet provides specific information to all stakeholders involved in student clinical placements. The information is in line with current SA Government Emergency Management Directives. This guidance applies to all students who undertake clinical placements in healthcare setting.

Refer to the Australia Government Department of Health webpage for further information about how, when and where to get vaccinated.

Please see the link below to a Webinar coordinated by the Commonwealth Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer around COVID vaccination, aimed at Health Professional Students.

NOTE: UniSA has been proactive in its response to COVID-19 and has had protocols in place since January 2020 for students attending placements. This information is being updated regularly in line with federal and state advice. For the most up-to-date information on how UniSA is responding to COVID-19, please access our website here.

What do I do with the Covid-19 Vaccination certificate?

Upload it to InPlace. There is a new field labelled ‘COVID-19 Vaccination’ you can upload your vaccination record for each of the two doses received. Keep the hardcopy of it in your Passport to Placement Folder.

Tuberculosis screening

You must undertake screening for Tuberculosis (TB) with SA Tuberculosis Services prior to placement at any SA Health or private partner sites. This screening is a mandatory South Australian Government requirement and students not screened will be removed from placement at these sites.

Students must complete the Tuberculosis Screening section on Page 2 of the Immunisation Compliance Form with their GP.  It is important to note that some vaccinations can interfere with the blood test used to screen for Tuberculosis, students should delay any vaccinations until AFTER they have clearance from SA TB services.  Submit your completed and signed Compliance Form (pages 1 & 2 in the package) in accordance with your program-specific student checklist.


  • How do I complete the tuberculosis screening? minus-thick plus-thick
    • Step 1: All Health Care students must complete the online tuberculosis screening questionnaire.
      After completing the questionnaire, you will receive an email from SATB advising you of further instructions to complete your tuberculosis screening:
      a) You have completed the TB Screening requirements,

      b) You are required to attend a GP to arrange an IGRA blood test (Continue to Step 2)

      Should you have any difficulties accessing or completing the online questionnaire, please email

    • Step 2: If you are instructed by SA TB Services to undergo an IGRA test, you will need to make an appointment with a GP.  You are encouraged to utilise the UniSA Medical Clinic. You should bring TB Screening Results to your appointment.  At your first appointment, the GP will arrange your blood test.  You will be required to see the GP again for your results at a follow-up appointment.  Your GP will complete the TB Clearance for Clinical Placement Healthcare Worker form.  Based on your test results, your GP will either:
      a) Sign off indicating that you have completed the TB Screening requirements on your Immunisation Compliance Form,

      b) Your GP will submit a request for a chest x-ray and for you to make another appointment with GP to review the chest x-ray results, (Continue to Step 3).

    • Step 3: If a Chest X-Ray is required, your GP will review the chest X-ray and perform a TB symptom check:
      a) If the GP determines you are suitable to undertake a placement, they will complete the ‘TB Clearance for Clinical Placement Healthcare Worker’ form indicating follow-up with SATB is not required. 
      b) If the GP determines you are exhibiting TB symptoms or concerns with your chest x-ray, they will refer you to the Chest Clinic, and you will receive an appointment posted to you for the Chest Clinic at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). The Chest Clinic may require additional testing or prescribe treatment. Once the doctors at the Chest Clinic are satisfied that any Tuberculosis risk has been managed, you will be issued a certificate indicating that you have completed the TB Screening Requirements.

    • Keep a hard copy of the Certificate of Compliance and tuberculosis screening results in your records, ready for the commencement of your placement.
  • How long is the tuberculosis screening valid for? minus-thick plus-thick

    In most cases, the screening is valid for five years unless:

    • You have been exposed to someone with TB
    • You have extensively travelled/worked abroad in a high-risk country 
    • You have completed an overseas placement
    • You are allocated to a venue where a more recent screening is mandatory.
  • Do I need to be re-screened? minus-thick plus-thick

    If you have previously been screened at SA TB Services, you do not need to be re-screened. Students who have been exposed to someone with TB, have extensively travelled/worked abroad in a high-risk country, or have completed an overseas placement since their last screening, must complete the process outlined above. Students who are allocated to a venue where a more recent screening is mandatory may need to be re-screened.

  • What if the screening indicates 'high risk'? minus-thick plus-thick

    If the questionnaire indicates a student is a high risk category alert after completing online questionnaire, they will be contacted and directed to make an appointment at the Chest Clinic.

    The student will then follow the same process as pre-employment at SA Health.  They will have a Tuberculin Skin Test and/or Chest X-ray. If latent TB monitored on a six month basis, follow-up X-ray and antibiotics. If active TB they will be admitted into hospital and treated; people they have been in contact will also be screened.  Skin test is not undertaken on Wednesday, because they need to report two days after for result interpretation.

    Students should not complete the online questionnaire again because they have lost or deleted their original confirmation email.

    Queries can be directed to:

    Michelle Brigham, SA TB services, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, SA

  • Further information minus-thick plus-thick

    If you have any queries, please contact SA TB Services on (08) 7117 2967.  Do not contact the CPU or UniSA about whether your past screening is sufficient, as only SA TB Services can make this decision and will do so based on the information you provide in the survey.

    SA Tuberculosis services in CALHN Further Information (Link)