Globe and interactive screens at MOD. museumMOD. at UniSA is a futuristic museum of discovery. It’s a place to be and be inspired. We want to inspire young people about science and technology, showcasing how research shapes our understanding of the world around us to inform our futures. Our exhibitions are designed for 15-25 year olds, with the interactivity aimed at this older audience. This is not to say that people under 15 years will not be entertained, but they may need guidance to be engaged. MOD. is like no other museum experience in Australia. We sit at the intersection of art and science and we bring together researchers, industries, and students to challenge, learn, and be inspired. We have seven gallery spaces that can be explored.

School groups are welcome to come and explore the captivating gallery spaces and experience the activities including:

  • Guided and self-guided tours of the exhibition
  • A presentation from MOD. Director, Dr Kristin Alford about Navigating the Future

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