Major, Minor, Sub-Major, Extended Major


The Mathematics major provides graduates with problem-solving and analytical skills which are valued by business, industry, and academia, and can be particularly powerful in combination with domain knowledge from another area of study. The Mathematics major is tailored to students in the Bachelor of Science program, but can be customised to students in other degrees.


SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods, or equivalent.

Assumed Knowledge


Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Calculus 1 MATH 1054 4.5 1
Calculus 2 MATH 1055 4.5 1
Linear Algebra MATH 1056 4.5 1
Differential Equations 1 MATH 2023 4.5 2
Fundamentals of Real Analysis MATH 2027 4.5 3
Topics in Mathematics 1 MATH 3040 4.5 3
Mathematical Sciences Project MATH 3013 4.5 3
Multivariable Calculus MATH 3038 4.5 3




  1. Other courses may be available from the LBMH program. Each student should seek advice from their Program Director.
  2. An eight-course major can be extended to a 12-course extended major by taking extra courses from the LBMH program, subject to prerequisites. Each student should seek advice from their Program Director.