Aboriginal Studies



Major, Minor, Sub-Major


The Aboriginal Studies major is designed to prepare graduates to develop cultural competence and equip graduates with discipline specific and culturally appropriate skills and strategies to prepare them for working effectively with Aboriginal clients and/or communities.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Aboriginal Cultures HUMS 1035 4.5 1
Caring for Country ENVT 1017 4.5 1
Communication and Reciprocity COMM 2060 4.5 2
Aboriginal Australians and the Human Services WELF 2015 4.5 2 Note(s): 1
The four courses listed in the Minor, plus two of the following:
Law, Land and Peoples LAWS 3086 4.5 3
Aboriginal Philosophy: Contesting Knowledge in Social Science PHIL 3008 4.5 3
Aboriginal Nation Building and Governance HUMS 3056 4.5 3
Aboriginality and Globalisation HUMS 3057 4.5 3
The Aboriginal Studies Major comprises all eight courses in this schedule


  1. Students intending to apply for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) with Humanities and Social Sciences as a Learning Area must complete a minimum of six courses or equivalent for a Major Learning Area, or four courses or equivalent for a Minor Learning Area. Applicants for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) must have both a Major and a Minor Learning Area to qualify for entry. Students should consult with their Program Director for a schedule of recommended courses.


  1. With the permission of the Program Director, this course may be substituted with a suitable alternative.