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Foundation Studies

Interested in Foundation Studies?

Our academic Diploma and Foundation Studies programs are designed primarily for people who do not have the qualifications required to get directly into a bachelor degree, providing possible options for those looking for an alternative pathway to university. These programs are a supportive way for students to settle into the university environment and prepare students to succeed at university by building academic skills and prerequisite knowledge. 

Plus, students will get to experience life as a UniSA student, which means being taught by UniSA staff and having access to the full range of support services the university provides.

UniSA is an unstoppable university for unstoppable people. As one of the World’s Top Young Universities*, we’ll ensure you get the experience your future profession demands so it’ll feel like you’re studying one minute and in a career the next.


QILT: Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016-18 – Full-time Employment Indicator (Undergraduate). Public SA founded universities only. UNSTOPPABLE ® is a Kellogg Company trade mark used under licence.
*Ranked #26, 2019 THE Young University Rankings. Ranked #30, 2020 QS Top 50 Universities Aged Under 50

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