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Fast-track your career and expertise with a combined degree

As a business student at UniSA you will have the opportunity to pair two single degrees to create your own combined degree program. Combining degrees enables you to specialise in two fields, providing you with choice, flexibility and increased employer value at the start of, and throughout, your career. 

By pairing your business studies with a second qualification, you will study two undergraduate degrees simultaneously, typically in less time than two single degrees and without having to apply for the second degree through SATAC. Generally speaking, a combined degree can be studied in four years full-time (or part-time equivalent).

You will need to be a current business student at UniSA enrolled in a single business degree in order to apply. A combined business degree will enable you to:

  • Specialise in two fields and gain a competitive advantage when entering your chosen career
  • Complete a combined degree and graduate with double the opportunities in a shorter time
  • Graduate with two parchments, one for each degree.

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Explore the combined degree options

You can select from any combined degree options in areas such as:

Additional degree combinations with other disciplines may also be available upon request.

*Undergraduate students interested in combining Accounting and Finance should refer to the DBCD program.

**This is best combined with the Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing.

^This can also be combined with the Bachelor of Communication and Media.

Entry requirements

To apply for a combined degree you must first apply for and enrol in a single UniSA business degree. On completion of 18 units of study in your single degree and satisfaction of the entry requirements, you may apply to add your second degree through an internal program transfer.

International students are not eligible to apply for a combined degree. International students planning to add a second degree should seek individual advice early in their first degree. Applications for a second degree are made through Apply Online in the final semester of their first degree.

Note: you will need a minimum GPA of 4 (P1) to be eligible to study two programs concurrently.

When combining your chosen degrees, you will be given a study plan listing the courses to be completed in each degree.  You are responsible for ensuring you meet the requirements of each degree, making sure of the following:

  • The courses are available in the semester you have scheduled them
  • You meet the prerequisite rules for each course
  • You use electives to do your professional sequence courses where applicable.

Please speak to the Business Student Hub for advice on combining degrees.

Global careers in accounting

Interested in a pursuing a global career in accounting?

You can also choose to combine a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) with a Diploma in Languages. For this packaged combination, you can be either a future student not yet enrolled in a UniSA degree, or a current UniSA accounting student.

You’ll develop foundation knowledge in business along with specialist skills in areas such as financial accounting, business finance and management accounting. With a focus on decision making and problem-solving, you will also build the expertise to excel in team situations, analyse with confidence, and learn how to report and communicate effectively. These qualities will be key when assisting clients to make successful financial and management decisions.

In the Diploma in Languages, you will have the opportunity to study French, Italian, Japanese or English (as an Additional Language). This diploma will develop your proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and deepen your understanding of culture and society specific to your chosen language.

You will also have the chance to apply your accounting and language skills in real-world situations by undertaking some of your study overseas or through an industry placement.

We offer three combined options depending on your individual needs and prior study:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Diploma in Languages – 3 years (SATAC code 424931)
    This is an accelerated study option which will require you to complete some of your courses during Summer and Winter school.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Diploma in Languages – 3.5 years (SATAC code 424932)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Diploma in Languages – 3 years (SATAC code 424933)
    This option is only for those who have completed a Language at SACE Stage 2 (or equivalent).

Applications can be made via SATAC using the relevant unique SATAC codes above. These combined degrees are only available to domestic students (international students are not eligible to apply).

In addition to combined business degrees, and options to study accounting with languages, we also provide opportunities to pair a 3-year bachelor degree with a 1-year master’s qualification with our 3+1 Pathway to Master’s program.


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