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COVID-19 Update

NOTE: The Business Internship team remains fully operational and we are here to help. Internships are continuing with students adapting to the work modality of the host organisation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

The Business Internship Program at the University of South Australia has been designed to give students a work integrated learning experience that enables them to apply the skills and knowledge gained from their study in a real workplace. This practical application of what they have learnt in their courses ensure they will graduate prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice. Placement courses are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate business students.

We engage with a wide range of organisations to develop placement opportunities that enable our students to apply their skills and at the same time bring fresh perspectives and knowledge to the workplace.

UniSA Business offers undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to undertake placements in businesses of all types: large or small, public, private or not-for-profit, start-up or long term businesses. The program gives students the chance to develop an understanding of what it is like to work in their chosen discipline and to gain valuable experience for their post-graduation employment.


Develop connections and build your industry network


Align your career goals with opportunities in the workplace


Gain insight into your industry and enhance your CV

Program details 

Work integrated learning opportunities are short term placements to spend time working in an organisation to gain real-world experience linked to your program and enhance your employability skills. These opportunities will give you practical experience, help you to further your interpersonal and professional skills, and develop an awareness of workplace culture and expectations.

A business internship will give you experience in communication and teamwork, email and report-writing, punctuality and attendance, leadership and career development. The experience you gain from a placement or internship opportunity will help you transition from university to the workplace, enhancing your employment prospects, and helping you to make valuable industry connections and build your professional network.

There are a number of courses available for undergraduate and postgraduate business students.

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  • future-student Postgraduate students minus-thin plus-thin

Enrolment dates for students

Enrolments for business internship and placement courses close well in advance of the commencement of each study period. The closing dates for 2020 enrolments are below.

Study period

Study period 2 2020

Study period 4 2020

Study period 5 2020

Study period 7 2020

Enrolments close

10 November 2019

08 March 2020

12 April 2020

09 August 2020

Placement requirements

Course prerequisite requirements

A summary of the placement and internship requirements for business students is below. Please ensure you check the course homepage for the course you are enrolling in to confirm the prerequisite requirements.

BUSS 3080 Management Practicum
Completed 72 units of study
GPA 4.0 or higher

MARK 3013 Marketing Practicum

Completed 72 units of study
GPA 4.0 or higher

BUSS 3100 Commerce Practicum

Completed 72 units of study
GPA 4.0 or higher

BUSS 3010 Business Internship 30 days
Completed 72 units of study
GPA 4.0 or higher

BUSS 3088 Business Internship 45 days
Completed 72 units of study
GPA 4.0 or higher

BUSS 5396 Business Practicum G

Completed 36 units of study
GPA 4.5 or higher

BUSS 5431 Business Internship G

Completed 36 units of study
GPA 4.5 or higher

BUSS 5443 Commerce Practicum G

Completed 36 units of study
GPA 4.5 or higher


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