26 Feb - 14 April 2024, 22 July - 8 September


This course runs over 7 weeks with a weekly 2-hour online tutorial session.




Basic knowledge of Systems Engineering processes.


$2,000.00 fee per student for the short course (content)

$1,312.50 fee per student for the assessment short course.

Fees displayed exclude GST.



Course overview

Upskill rapidly with a Professional Certificate specifically designed for Defence and related industry personnel. Delivered fully online, this Professional Certificate can be taken as a stand-alone course, as a building block as part of the UniSA Defence Professional Certificates or may also be used as credit for the Master of Systems Engineering.

The Professional Certificate in System Engineering aims to enable executives and engineers in technology intensive organisations to manage the integration of advanced technologies into marketable systems, products, services and processes that add value to the enterprise. It recognises the complexity of many contemporary systems and the magnitude, speed and frequency of technological change in recent times and the imperative to leverage these changes for sustainable competitive advantage. 

The Professional Certificate also recognises the needs of complex, high value, long duration projects originating from Government or large private sector organisations, both Australian and International. 

Course content

  • Challenges of engineering management; 
  • Developing new business -interfacing with the business enterprise.
  • Managing innovation
  • Working with Government
  • Project Management and Systems Engineering Management Planning
  • Contract management – Acquisition and supply - prime, sub-contracts
  • Quality assurance; 
  • Intellectual property.
  • Engineering and product development - concurrent engineering
  • Monitoring, measuring and controlling the work; 
  • Environment and sustainability; 
  • Decision making  
  • Risk and opportunity management;
  • Logistics considerations


This Professional Certificate has two short courses within it. This allows the flexibility to undertake the Professional Certificate in two ways.

  • Content only which includes directed study over a short period. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the audit only course.
  • Content and Assessment which includes directed study over a short period plus additional activities and assessment. You will receive a Professional Certificate on completion.

Successful completion of both the Content and Assessment courses within the professional certificate can be used as credit into the Master of Systems Engineering against the equivalent course. 

How to apply

Please fill out the application form and email it to

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