Creative Writing and Literature



Major, Minor, Sub-Major


The Creative Writing and Literature major, sub-major and minor combine critical engagement with literary theory with a complementary exploration of creative writing techniques across a range of genres such as fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, auto/biography, essay, and plays.

Students will examine the interplay between writers, readers and the text and the ways in which it is possible to question the social construction of knowledge through literature. As observers and participants in various cultural contexts, students will produce their own creative and analytical texts which exhibit an understanding and challenging notions of narrative, genre, and canon.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Creative Writing and Literature: An Introduction COMM 1061 4.5 1
Creative Writing Workshop COMM 1045 4.5 1
Short Form Creative Writing COMM 2058 4.5 2
Reworking the Canon LANG 2042 4.5 2
The four courses listed in the Minor plus two of the following:
The Writer's World LANG 3042 4.5 3
World Literatures and English LANG 3030 4.5 3
Creative Writing Theory and Practice LANG 3043 4.5 3
The Power of Story LANG 2005 4.5 2
The Creative Writing and Literature MAJOR comprises all eight courses in this Schedule




  1. Students intending to apply for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) with English as a Learning Area must complete a minimum of six courses or equivalent for a Major Learning Area, or four courses or equivalent for a Minor Learning Area. Applicants for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) must have both a Major and a Minor Learning Area to qualify for entry. Students should consult with their Program Director for a schedule of recommended courses.