English Language



Major, Minor, Sub-Major


The English Language courses are designed for students for whom English is a Second Language (international students), and students of English as a Second Language who have complete SACE Stage 2 or equivalent study. These courses provide a pathway for students to study English as a minor, sub-major or major. It is possible for students with different levels of expertise to take individual courses, in consultation with the course coordinator, in order to: extend their spoken and written communication capabilities at an introductory, intermediate and advanced level.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
English for Academic Use in Australia LANG 1052 4.5 1
English for Academic and International Communication LANG 1053 4.5 1
English and the Art of Speaking and Writing LANG 2032 4.5 2
English in the Professions LANG 2033 4.5 2
The four courses listed in the Minor plus two of the following:
World Literatures and English LANG 3030 4.5 3
Language Policy and Ideology LANG 3039 4.5 3
Multilingualism: Contact, Change and Mobility LANG 3038 4.5 3
Language Learning and Assessment LANG 3037 4.5 3
The English Language MAJOR comprises all eight courses in this Schedule




  1. These courses are primarily for students for whom English is their second, third or additional language. They are designed to strengthen students' bilingual or multilingual proficiencies for international career advancement.
  2. Students intending to study Applied Linguistics as their second major should consult with their Program Director for a revised schedule.