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Mawson Lakes

4 year(s) full-time


Program Code

SACE Stage 2 Math Methods
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Assumed Knowledge
SACE Stage 2 Physics
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2020: AUD$ 35,900 per annum (per 1.0 EFTSL)

English Language Requirements
  • IELTS total [6.0]
  • IELTS reading [6.0]
  • IELTS writing [6.0]
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The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil and Construction Management) uses an industry focused, project-based teaching and learning approach to provide professional civil engineers with the construction and project management skills needed for future leadership of diverse, interdisciplinary teams undertaking design and construction projects that require solutions to complex problems in a socially and culturally appropriate manner.

Content & Structure

The program consists of a common first year across all Engineering disciplines. The first two years of the program provide an introduction to the main areas available in civil engineering, a broad base in engineering, science, and maths, as well as other skills such as design, problem solving, team work and communication that are essential for professional practice as an engineer. In third year students focus in detail on construction management, water and geotechnical engineering - and their interaction with the environment. Third year continues the professional practice development through a focus on business management knowledge required by engineers. Half of fourth year is devoted to major projects, both design and research, with the remainder being specialist courses. Industry internship options are also available.

What courses you'll study

Course name Area and cat no. Units Reference  
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2 or 3)
Programming Concepts COMP 1045 4.5
Engineering Materials RENG 1005 4.5
Mathematical Methods for Engineers 1 MATH 1063 4.5
Sustainable Engineering Practice ENGG 1003 4.5
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Mathematical Methods for Engineers 2 MATH 1064 4.5
Electrical and Electronic Systems EEET 1027 4.5
Engineering Mechanics MENG 1012 4.5
Engineering Design and Innovation ENGG 1004 4.5
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2 or 3)
Engineering Modelling MATH 2009 4.5
Mechanics of Materials CIVE 2005 4.5
Introduction to Surveying and Spatial Sciences GEOE 1018 4.5
Engineering and Environmental Geology EART 3012 4.5
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Introduction to Water Engineering CIVE 2010 4.5
Professional Engineering Design Practice ENGG 2004 4.5
Civil Engineering Techniques CIVE 2009 4.5
Road Design and Traffic Management CIVE 2012 4.5
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2 or 3)
Business Management for Engineers ENGG 3006 4.5
Soil Mechanics CIVE 3008 4.5
Steel and Timber Design CIVE 3013 4.5
Hydraulics and Hydrology CIVE 3009 4.5
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Water Resources Systems Design CIVE 3010 4.5
Geotechnical Engineering CIVE 3007 4.5
Reinforced Concrete Design CIVE 3003 4.5
Construction Scheduling BUIL 2007 4.5
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2 or 3)
Industrial Experience N ENGG 3005 0 Note(s): 3 Rule(s): 1
Engineering Capstone Experience A ENGG 4007 4.5
Engineering Honours Project A ENGG 4009 4.5
Contract Administration BUIL 3010 4.5
Principles of Project Management BUSS 5142 4.5 Note(s): 1
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Engineering Capstone Experience B ENGG 4008 4.5
Engineering Honours Project B ENGG 4010 4.5 Note(s): 2
Advanced Construction Management BUIL 4013 4.5
Building Estimating BUIL 2018 4.5

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