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Enter the revolutionary area of Big Data and Data Science with a growing demand for data scientists across numerous industries.

The incomprehensible volume of data generated from new advances in technologies and systems such as mobile phone interactions, social media sites, online searches, satellites and the Internet of Things has brought about the new and exciting area of Big Data.

Data Scientists are needed to manage, analyse and use the data collected to make predictions. However, there is currently a shortage of data scientists globally and companies lack the talent they need to analyse big data and use it to make informed business decisions (McKinsey Global Institute). In Australia, data scientists are in high demand and those with the skills to understand both data and business can earn salaries of above $200,000 (

The University of South Australia offers flexible postgraduate programs in data science, including a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master degree.

Key features

  • No.1 in SA for graduate careers in I.T1
  • Flexible delivery options, including online^ and face-to-face learning.
  • Designed in conjunction with industry, including the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia and SAS.
  • Provides graduates with the analytical and technical skills to effectively extract useful information from Big Data to support the management and operations of an organisation.
  • Learn software tools used in the industry and work on industry sourced analytics projects.
  • Professional development and built in opportunities to work on analytics projects sourced from industry.
  • These programs are offered in the form of a nested suite (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master) with each qualification extending to the next, allowing you to easily transition up to and back from a master level qualification.

^Domestic students only 

1ComparED (QILT) Graduate Outcomes Survey 2018-20, Computing and Information Systems – Full-time Employment Indicator (Undergraduate). Public SA-founded universities only.

Why UniSA?

The UniSA Data Science programs will provide you with the knowledge and computational skills you will need to become a highly sought-after analytics professional and data scientist.

The aim of these programs is to produce graduates with the analytic and technical skills to effectively use Python, Hadoop, R and SAS to analyse big data and extract useful information to support the management and operations of an organisation.

You will benefit from coursework designed in consultation with industry, including with the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia and leader in analytics software and solutions - SAS.

In these programs, you will undertake courses across a broad range of Data Science topics, which will provide you with hands-on experience in data analytic techniques for real-world challenges. You will develop skills in managing big data and data infrastructure, data cleaning, machine learning, statistics, predictive analytics, data visualisation, data privacy and security, teamwork, presentation of results, professional writing, and project management.

UniSA offers the following Data Science degrees

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The demand for analytic skills is supported by research from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, which projects that employment for information security analysts will grow between 32% between 2018-2028 - higher than average for all other occupations.

While the demand for analytic skills crosses multiple industries, fields such as marketing, healthcare, government and finance are expected to experience a particularly strong need for analytics professionals.  

Data science qualifications can lead to a variety of careers in the following areas:

  • data scientist
  • big data visualiser
  • business data analyst
  • information security analyst
  • data engineer
  • machine learning analyst
  • machine learning engineer
  • statistician
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