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UniSA Justice & Society

Course aim

To further develop students' understanding of those aspects of the biological sciences which underpin the study of psychology, and to introduce students to principles of learning theory, and applications of these principles to improve welfare and well-being in an ethical manner.

Course content

In this course students will further develop their knowledge of the psychology of learning and research design and ethical applications of principles of learning. This course will introduce students to the evolutionary origins of hominids, ethical and legal implications of classification of Great Apes as hominids, and comparative cognition and behaviour. Students will further explore the biological bases of behaviour and how physiological, psychological, and sociocultural or environmental factors are interconnected.




Specific program
Program Subject Area & Catalogue Number Course Name
MBPU BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
MBSP BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
MHPU BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
MBAA BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
MBCH BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
DHLD BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
IBHC BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
IBXP BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A
MBPU BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
MBSP BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
MHPU BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
MBAA BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
MBCH BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
DHLD BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
IBHC BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B
IBXP BEHL 1004 Psychology 1B

The prerequisite restrictions are not applicable to students studying the Conservation Psychology, Sustainability and Well-being minor.



Teaching method

Component Duration
Lecture 2 hours x 7 weeks
Workshop 3 hours x 4 weeks
Practical (Field trips to Adelaide Zoo) 3 hours x 2 sessions

Note: These components may or may not be scheduled in every study period. Please refer to the timetable for further details.


Examination, Proposal, Report


EFTSL*: 0.125
Commonwealth Supported program (Band 4Y)
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