BIOL 2014


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University-wide elective course

First Semester
(Study Period 2)
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Course owner
UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

Course aim

To provide students with a knowledge of the biochemical basis of biological systems.

Course content

Amino acids, proteins; structure, biosynthesis, degradation of nucleotides; structure of DNA and chromatin. DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, effects of inhibitors; control of gene expression: enzyme properties and kinetics; coenzymes. Energy currency in cells and high energy bonds; citric acid cycle, electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation; carbohydrate metabolism; amino acid metabolism, urea cycle; fatty acid synthesis and catabolism; cholesterol synthesis, lipoproteins, signal transduction; control of metabolic pathways, utilisation of biological fuels; enzyme determinations.


Tymocko, J.L, Berg, J.M. and Stryer, L. 2015, Biochemistry, A short course, Current Edition, W.H Freeman


Subject Area & Catalogue Number Course Name
Group 1
Students must have also completed CHEM 1007 or FOSC 2002
CHEM 1007 Chemistry 101
FOSC 2002 Chemistry of Food
Group 2
Students must have also completed BIOL 1012 or BIOL 1051
BIOL 1012 Biology B
BIOL 1051 Physiology Essentials 100
Common to all relevant programs
Subject Area & Catalogue Number Course Name
CHEM 1006 Chemistry 100
BIOL 1007 Biology A

In addition to completing both BIOL 1007 and CHEM 1006, students must have also completed either CHEM 1007 or FOSC 2002, or BIOL 1012 or BIOL 1051.



Teaching method

Component Duration
Lecture 3 hours x 13 weeks
Practical 4 hours x 5 weeks
Tutorial 1 hour x 12 weeks
Online (Practicals) 2 hours x 3 weeks

Note: These components may or may not be scheduled in every study period. Please refer to the timetable for further details.


Examination, Report, Skills demonstration, Test/Quiz


EFTSL*: 0.125
Commonwealth Supported program (Band 2)
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