Semester 1:
Commencement: Monday 20th February 2023


Semester 2:
Commencement: Monday 17th July 2023




Course 2: An optional 7 hour on campus workshop is available.




Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree or higher in an approved field of education.


Course 1: $2200 (GST inclusive)
Course 2: $2200 (GST inclusive)
Total fees: $4400 (GST inclusive)



Course overview

The Professional Certificate in Sonographic Principles and Theory is designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills for health professionals looking for a career change into Medical Sonography. This professional certificate will allow students to complete two introductory courses whilst they explore the industry and work to secure the training position required for application into the Graduate Diploma and Masters of Medical Sonography.

Why the Professional Certificate in Sonographic Principles and Theory?

Course 1: Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation SC

On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Give an account of the physical principles of ultrasound.
  2. Discuss considerations in equipment selection including explaining the principles of different transducers and image optimisation including focusing methods and how spatial resolution is maximised in ultrasound imaging.
  3. Identify A, B and M-mode principles and the principles of real time ultrasound including recent advances such as tissue harmonic imaging, 3D, 4D and panoramic imaging.
  4. Explain the principles of Doppler physics instrumentation used in current ultrasound practice.
  5. Describe the methods of image production and recording including the quality management programs of ultrasound instrumentation.
  6. Describe the interaction of medical ultrasound with biological tissue and possible biological effects.
  7. Recognise and explain the formation of artefacts within a greyscale and Doppler image.

Course 2: Professional Issues for Sonographers SC

On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Analyse principles of delivering safe, patient centred services.
  2. Evaluate the legal requirements and professional and ethical standards relating to sonographic practice.
  3. Analyse and synthesise research findings and determine implications for professional practice.
  4. Assess safety hazards in the workplace and suggest appropriate methods of control.
  5. Review quality standards, requirements and protocols in the workplace and suggest action to rectify non-conformance.
  6. Develop strategies to communicate effectively with patients and other professionals.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental skills and principles of ultrasound scanning.


Course structure

The Professional Certificate in Sonographic Principles and Theory is composed of two 4.5 unit courses which are delivered twice per year - Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation SC and Professional Issues for Sonographers SC.

Available courses

Course 1: Ultrasound Physics and
Instrumentation SC


  • To introduce students to the physical principles and instrumentation of diagnostic medical ultrasound.

Course content

  • Fundamental ultrasound physics,
  • Acoustic properties of tissue, transducers,
  • Focusing methods,
  • Resolution,
  • Signal processing,
  • Modes of display,
  • Real-time principles and instrumentation,
  • Digital signal and image processing,
  • Principles of Doppler ultrasound,
  • Contrast agents,
  • Biological effects,
  • Image recording devices,
  • Quality control,
  • Equipment selection,
  • Image optimisation,
  • Greyscale and Doppler artefacts,
  • Recent advances in medical sonography.

Semester 1

Enrolments closes Friday 27th January 2023
Commencement Monday 20th February 2023
End Saturday 1st July 2023

Course 2: Professional Issues for Sonographers SC


  • To prepare students for professional practice in medical sonography.

Course content

  • Medicolegal issues including mandatory reporting, 
  • Quality assurance for clinical and administrative procedures,
  • Ethics and codes of professional conduct, including informed consent,
  • Practice management principles in sonography.,
  • Infection control as specific to ultrasound procedures,
  • Occupational health and safety, ergonomics,
  • Basic research principles including introduction to evidence based practice.

Semester 2

Enrolments closes Friday 23rd June 2023
Commencement Monday 17th July 2023
End Saturday 25th November 2023


Course 1: Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation SC

  • Essay – 500 words
  • Quizzes – continuous assessment
  • Essay – 1,000 words
  • Examination – 2 hours

Students must submit each assessment component and pass the examination to obtain a pass for this course as per accreditation requirements.

Course 2: Professional Issues for Sonographers SC

  • Portfolio – 1,500 words
  • Problem-solving exercise – 1,500 words
  • Continuous assessment - portfolio

How to apply

Please download and complete the application form and include it with your application.

Additional information

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree or higher in an approved field of education (FOE: Medical Studies, Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiography, Rehabilitation Therapies (excluding Audiology and Massage Therapy), Dentistry, Optometry, Human Movement, Paramedical Studies, Health Science).

For further information please contact the UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance.


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Cancellation policy

The University of South Australia reserves the right to cancel events and issue refunds.  In the event that an attendee cannot attend, a substitute is welcome to attend in their place.  No refunds will be given unless 21 days notice is given in writing prior to the date of the planned event. If less than 21 days the fee can be used for the same course at a later stage, or another course of the same value.