Food Fermentation
SP3, 2023
(03/04 - 09/06)

Micro Brewing
SP6, 2023
(18/09 – 24/11)


Per subject:
3 hours x 8 weeks lectures
2 hours x 10 weeks workshops
2 x 5 hour in-person masterclasses*






Not applicable


Per subject: $1100
Total cost of the Professional Certificate:

Course Overview

Advance your career in the craft food and beverage industry when you embark on the Professional Certificate in Brewing and Fermentation Science.

Designed to meet demand in Australia’s expanding small-scale food and beverage sector, this professional certificate teaches the foundational science behind brewing and food fermentation across two individual subjects. You’ll learn how to develop and evaluate products, explain the health benefits of fermented foods, and ensure correct product handling, hygiene and safety procedures are met.

Learn from leading food scientists and researchers, and hear from local food and brewing industry experts as you grow your understanding of the science behind small-scale food and beverage production.

Why the Professional Certificate in Brewing and Fermentation Science?

Whether you’re already employed in the food and beverage industry, or ready to take your interest in brewing and fermentation to the next level, this professional certificate is suitable for people who have existing skills or a strong interest in:

  • Beer making and other types of brewing
  • Craft and micro food production processes
  • Cheesemaking
  • Fermenting and preserving

Successful completion of this professional certificate will see you gain valuable knowledge that you can use to start or advance your unstoppable career in the field of craft food and beverage production.

Across two courses you’ll learn about the biochemistry and biotechnology used in food fermentation, as well as how to prepare and conduct sensory assessments of fermented foods. You’ll also develop advanced skills and scientific knowledge across the full process of beer brewing, and have the opportunity to put your learning into practice. Quality control and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) measures round out each course, ensuring your craft products are of the highest quality and standard.

In this professional certificate you’ll enjoy the flexibility of online learning, and have access to resources 24/7. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in up to two in-person masterclasses per course, held at our specialist nutrition and food science facilities at the UniSA City East campus*. Subject to approval by the Program Director, your completed Professional Certificate in Fermentation and Brewing Science may be considered for recognition of prior learning in selected UniSA degrees, such as the Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science.

*Masterclasses offerings will be tailored to each cohort and announced on the commencement of the course. Attendance is not compulsory for successful completion.

Course structure

The Professional Certificate in Fermentation and Brewing Science requires the completion of two short courses delivered online.
The courses can also be studied individually.

Available courses

Food Fermentation - SCCHS 90009

This course covers general aspects of biochemistry and biotechnological application of fermented foods involving acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in accelerating the functional factors in fermented foods. The detailed technological interventions involved in different categories of fermented foods with their potential and actual health benefits are covered. The practical aspect involves preparation and sensory assessment of selected fermented foods. Safe food handling aspects covers principles of HACCP, applied to the developed food products.

Micro Brewing - SCCHS 90010

This course covers aspect of brewing beer with major focus on micro and craft brewing. Technical skills and scientific knowledge on wort production, brewery fermentation, beer maturation, beer filtration process and packaging are introduced. The principles of unit operations and the role of process equipment used in the different stages of beer brewing are covered. The practical aspect involves beer brewing using pilot fermenters and commercial kits. Quality control programs and spoilage microorganisms associated with beer brewing are covered.


Both courses in the Professional Certificate are non-graded awards, but require satisfactory completion of following assessments:

Food Fermentation - SCCHS 90009

  • Portfolio 2500 words (70%)
  • Practical (30%)

Micro Brewing - SCCHS - 90010

  • Portfolio 2500 words (70%)
  • Practical (30%)

How to apply

Applications for 2023 are now open.

Please download and complete the application form and submit via email to:

Applications close
Food Fermentation: 24 February 2023
Micro Brewing: 11 September 2023

Application form

Additional information

Cancellation and refund policy

The University of South Australia reserves the right to cancel events and issue refunds. In the event that an attendee cannot attend, a substitute is welcome to attend in their place.  No refunds will be given unless 21 days notice is given in writing prior to the date of the planned event. If less than 21 days the fee can be used for the same course at a later stage, or another course of the same value.  

Certificate of completion

Students are required to successfully complete all assessments of both courses to be eligible for the short program award, the Professional Certificate in Brewing and Fermentation Science. Students who successfully complete the Professional Certificate will receive a certificate of completion.