February 2023


3 hours per week x 10 weeks




A Bachelor degree or higher or 5 years professional experience





Course Overview

The University of South Australia's Executive Certificate in Social Media Management develops the expertise of communication professionals in the principles and techniques of social media management, and online engagement and collaboration to support an organisation’s strategic communication effort.

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Why the Executive Certificate in Social Media Management?

On completion of this course students should have the ability to:

  • Apply the principles of online community engagement and collaboration of the establishment of a project

  • Create effective and appropriate content for a variety of social media platforms and applications
  • Use emergent technologies for research, monitoring and evaluation of communication activities
  • Manage the strategic use of new media, including a critique of the contribution of emergent technologies to the communication goals of an organisation

Course structure

The course will be delivered online, with students taking part in online discussions with lecturers and students and participating in practical activities.


Learning modules

  • Tribalism and online communities
  • The skills of listening: research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Culture, communication and the changing media landscape
  • Strategic planning and integration of digital media
  • Amplification of messaging
  • Managing social media
  • Communication and messaging platforms
  • Collaboration and curation
  • Visual and audio platforms
  • Artificial intelligence and the future


Students must complete three graded practical assessments:

  • Report (25%): Social Media Audit
  • Project (25%): Social media strategy
  • Online activities (50%): Content portfolio and reflection

How to apply

Students who wish to apply for the Executive Certificate in Social Media Management should provide an outline of their Higher Education or Professional Experience and attach relevant documentation when they click on Apply Now below.

For a completed Bachelors degree please attach a certified copy of your academic transcript to support your application. If you are applying on the grounds of 5 years professional experience, please provide a copy of your updated CV.

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