Geoscience and Biogeochemistry



Major, Minor, Sub-Major


Geoscience and biogeochemistry involve the study of chemical, physical, geological and biological processes that shape the natural environment. This major introduces the basic concepts of the Earth System and the dynamic interactions that govern global change from the microscopic to the macroscopic scale. Scientific knowledge and practical experience are developed with an emphasis on their application to environmental management and natural resource issues.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Earth and Climate Systems EART 1010 4.5 1
Environmental Chemistry ENVT 1019 4.5 1
Engineering and Environmental Geology EART 3012 4.5 2
Soils in the Australian Landscape EART 1011 4.5 2
Microbial Ecology ENVT 2015 4.5 2
Earth and Landscape Evolution EART 3020 4.5 3
Environmental Pollution and Monitoring ENVT 4031 4.5 3
AND choose one of the two following courses:
Water and Wastewater Treatment CIVE 5094 4.5 3 Note(s): 3
Water Quality Modelling CIVE 5066 4.5 3 Note(s): 3




  1. Students who wish to choose other relevant courses (not listed above), must seek approval from the Program Director.
  2. Some courses include a field component (which may vary in length and distance travelled and may incur additional charges).
  3. Undergraduate students need to apply for a career permission override via myEnrolment to enrol in a course with a catalogue number starting with 5 (e.g. CIVE 5xxx).