Ecosystem Sciences



Major, Minor, Sub-Major, Extended Major


Ecosystem Sciences provides a broad understanding of environmental sciences and policy, including the contemporary concepts of ecosystem management and sustainable development that link natural and social systems. Students receive a solid foundation in the natural sciences and field research techniques, while engaging in active, project-based learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to apply their skills and knowledge to solve complex environmental problems.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Biodiversity for the Environment BIOL 1014 4.5 1
Environment, Society and Climate ENVT 1013 4.5 1
Sustainable Ecosystems BIOL 1015 4.5 1
Environmental Analytical Methods ENVT 1016 4.5 1 Rule(s): 1
Ecology BIOL 2023 4.5 2
Climate and Sustainability ENVT 2016 4.5 2
Restoration Ecology ENVT 3028 4.5 3
Fire and Culture ENVT 4032 4.5 3
Ecosystem Monitoring ENVT 3031 4.5 3


  1. Only students who are studying both 'Ecosystem Sciences' and 'Biology for Science' Majors may enrol in this course as part of the Ecosystem Sciences Major.


  1. Students who wish to choose other relevant courses (not listed above), must seek approval from the Program Director.
  2. Some courses include a field component (which may vary in length and distance travelled and may incur additional charges).