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Develop high level English proficiency with a focus on professional skills 

In an increasingly borderless economy, the ability to speak and write multiple languages fluently can greatly enhance your employability and versatility in your career. UniSA courses offer you high level expertise in speaking English at university and in the workplace, writing English for university study and the workplace and maximising your bilingual or multilingual capability to advance your career opportunities.

Minor, sub-major and major in Bachelor of Arts

If you take the following first-year courses, including LANG 1052, 1053, 2032 or 2033, you will qualify for a minor in English in an undergraduate degree. If you would like to continue to qualify for a sub-major in English, you will need to enrol in two additional courses in English (you may choose any two from the list below). If you would like to qualify with a major in English, you will need to continue with each of the four courses listed below:

These courses are 4.5 credit-bearing, elective courses. You can enrol in more than one of these courses. If you enrol in four courses, you will qualify for a minor in English. 

For information regarding level 3 (advanced) courses in English to complete a sub-major or major in the Bachelor of Arts degree, please contact Assoc. Professor Kathleen HeughFor more information or guidance around study options, please contact our helpful future student enquiries team.

Undergraduate English course options

Choose from our curated suite of courses designed to increase your English skills for practical application. Find more information on available courses below, with course name translations for bilingual or multilingual students. 

Diploma in Languages

To complete a Diploma in Languages alongside the Bachelor of Arts or any other university degree, you need to complete 8 courses in English. Learn more about adding a Diploma in Languages to your qualifications.

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