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University-wide elective course

First Semester
(Study Period 2)
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UniSA Justice & Society

Course aim

To build on students' knowledge of sociological perspectives by exploring the political, economic, cultural, and social significance of crisis in society and its impact on identity.

Course content

Students will consolidate an advanced understanding of sociology by examining examples of crisis in contemporary society from the perspectives of cultural sociology, social change, and identity. Students will examine core debates about the role of culture and identity in social life while reflecting on their own, and other, cultural worlds. Emphasising the centrality and complexity of identity(ies), students will investigate a broad range of competing perspectives in the field, the institutions that represent culture and society, the interrelationship between culture and capitalism, culture as a site of domestic and international conflict, and culture as a facilitator of social change. The course will investigate societal shifts as result of increasing rapid change and uncertainty through a focus on topics such as the rise of consumption, youth culture, media as a site of connection, control and conflict, the invasive influence of information technology and the internet, secularisation and religion, history wars and national identity. The course will facilitate students obtaining a sophisticated understanding of society, culture and identity in a collaborative, reflexive, and systematic fashion.




Common to all relevant programs
Subject Area & Catalogue Number Course Name
SOCU 1002 Sociological Perspectives
SOCU 1003 The Social World

The listed prerequisites, and one Level 2 sociology course, or with approval from the Program Director. COURSE ALERT: Students who have previously completed WELF 2016 Contemporary Culture and Conflict may not enrol in this course.



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Lecture 1 hour x 10 weeks
Lecture (online) 1 hour x 2 weeks
Tutorial 2 hours x 10 weeks
Lecture (online) 1 hour x 12 weeks
Tutorial (online) 2 hours x 10 weeks

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Contribution, Essay


EFTSL*: 0.125
Commonwealth Supported program (Band 4A)
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