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Students undertaking the Visual Effects Project: Dynamic Effects and Lighting course will experience an immersive full-semester project with our industry partners Rising Sun Pictures in their studio environment. Students completing this course will gain a developed understanding of working within the dynamic effects pipeline and will gain expertise with key digital asset development techniques in order to deliver a high quality, finished product for inclusion in their showreels. Through this process, students will experience simulated production practices including participating in project progress reports and management of client and supervisor requirements.

Course content

This course familiarises students with professional practice in the visual effects industry, and provides the theory, skills and techniques to produce an industry-standard dynamic effects shot. Student will develop expertise with key digital asset development techniques including SOP, CHOP, ROP, etc. and will gain advanced skills needed to integrate, remove, isolate, grade and insert asset elements. Students will also undertake production projects to develop expertise with importing attributes, casting and dynamic simulations. This course exposes students to professional standards, through learning in a production studio under the supervision of experienced visual effects artists.

This simulated project environment will expose students to professional practice situations including participating in project progress reports, understanding and developing client requirements and delivering an industry-standard project within agreed timeframes. Upon completion of this course, students will have developed a clear understanding of professional practice in the visual effects industry, and will be employable on a global scale, equipped with a unique and sought after skill set.


Zwerman & Okun 2013, The VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures, 2nd, Focal Press, UK


Students in MBME may be eligible to enrol in COMM 3069 Visual Effects Project: Dynamic Effects and Lighting in place of one semester of their final year of study provided they have successfully completed all second year courses from the Bachelor of Media Arts, or by approval from the Program Director. There will be limited places available and students will be required to submit a portfolio of relevant work (a visual effects showreel) to the course coordinator of COMM 3068 Dynamic Effects. Students will be assessed on the quality of work in the submitted portfolio; their program GPA; and their presentation as part of an interview (if required). Contact the Program Director for details.



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Component Duration
Lecture 4 hours x 12 weeks
Practical 8 hours x 12 weeks
Field Placement 336 hours x N/A

Note: These components may or may not be scheduled in every study period. Please refer to the timetable for further details.


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EFTSL*: 0.500
Commonwealth Supported program (Band 2)
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