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AERO 2054


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University-wide elective course

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School of Engineering

Course aim

To develop the knowledge and understanding of atmospheric processes and events necessary for safe aircraft operation under VFR and /or IFR rules and conditions.

Course content

Satellite remote sensing and data gathering as an aid to forecasting and the understanding of various Macro and Meso atmospheric processes.

Upper air Synoptic and Analysis Charts, SigWX, Grid Point and RSWT forecasts.

Ocean/atmosphere relationships and other tropospheric processes. Global Climatology.

Greenhouse effect and El Niño /La Nina events.

Geostrophic, Gradient wind equations, Agradient Airflow, Ekman Spiral process.

Foucault pendulum.

Thermal Wind, Thickness Charts, High Altitude Jet Streams.

Convergence and divergence, Vorticity, Rossby Waves, Barotropic and Baroclinic structure, upper level energy transfer and balances. Frontogenesis. Cyclogenesis.

Boundary layer characteristics, Turbulence - Micro, Meso and Macro scale processes occurring throughout the troposphere.

Operational Meteorology - forecasts, reports and advices. Analysis of real time global and Australian weather events from current MSL charts, IR and VI satellite images.

Aviation weather measuring and reporting apparatus operation and weaknesses.

Weather related avionics for advanced/large aircraft

Advanced weather report interpretation for all aviation weather reports, including considering variance of reporting standards worldwide (eg. scales of statute miles vs. kilometeres, inches of mercury vs. hectopascals, etc).


Bureau of Meteorology 2003, Manual of Aviation Meteorology, Airservices Australia, Canberra


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AERO 1018 Meteorology 1



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Lecture 3 hours x 13 weeks
Tutorial 1 hour x 13 weeks

Note: These components may or may not be scheduled in every study period. Please refer to the timetable for further details.


Task Length Weighting Duration
Progress Test 1 N/A 20% N/A
Progress Test 2 N/A 20% N/A
Examination N/A 60% 2 hours


EFTSL*: 0.125
Commonwealth Supported program (Band 2)
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