Fast-track your degree in business

Start studying university courses in Year 12 and guarantee your place into one of our many business degrees with study credit through UniSA ACCELERATE.


Happy student leaning on a high bench with document in one handAre you currently in Year 11 and interested in studying a business degree at UniSA?

Well, UniSA ACCELERATE is a program open to all Year 12s commencing in 2024, living in South Australia, giving you the chance to start studying university courses in your final year of school and guaranteeing you an early place into your business degree at UniSA. You’ll get study credit towards your UniSA business degree for successfully completed courses and you can also apply for study to be counted towards your SACE Stage 2.

Through UniSA ACCELERATE, you can study up to two courses* through UniSA Online in a wide variety of areas like accounting, business law, marketing, management, finance, retailing and psychology. You’ll study 100% online, giving you the ultimate flexibility to balance your other school studies and commitments. All learning, assessments and exams will be delivered online with dedicated academic and support staff, so you don’t need to come on campus. You’ll get a student ID card though, so if you want to explore your local campus and get the university experience you can!

*If you are wanting to study two courses we recommend you undertake them in different study periods.

What subjects can I study?

  • Accounting for Business minus-thick plus-thick

    Develop the skills to turn numbers into meaning. Learn to record, report and interpret business transactions within the complete accounting lifecycle. You’ll also discover how key accounting information can be used to inform strategic business decisions.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, supervised online exam
    Start date: April 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Accounting
    Course Code: ACCT 1011
    Units: 4.5

  • Business Law minus-thick plus-thick

    Explore and argue the fundamental legal and ethical principles that affect business operations. Learn about entering into commercial transactions and how business assets are protected.

    Assessment: Case study, supervised online exam
    Start date: April 2024
    Course Code: LAWS 1019
    Units: 4.5

  • Communication and Media minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn the fundamentals of human communication and the social, political and economic influences that shape the way we communicate. You’ll also explore the role of media in today’s world and its impacts on information sharing, building narratives and connecting communities.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, project
    Start date: April 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Media Studies
    Course Code: COMM 1072
    Units: 4.5

  • Consumer Behaviour minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn how buyers behave. From customer loyalty, motivations and perceptions, to brand recall, purchasing influences and patterns of behaviour. You’ll discover how some of the biggest brands get us hooked.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, report
    Start date: June 2024
    Course Code: MARK 1016
    Units: 4.5

    To study this subject, you must have successfully completed Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange (MARK 1018).

  • Digital Graphics and Imaging minus-thick plus-thick

    Got an eye for design? Gain skills in computer graphics and communication design to create solutions in print and digital contexts. You'll get to use industry standard illustration, image editing and page layout software.

    Assessment: Course work, project
    Start date: June 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Information Processing and Publishing 
    Course Code: GRAP  1027
    Units: 4.5

  • Intercultural Communication minus-thick plus-thick

    Discover how cultural diversity and globalisation has impacted language, its meaning and the way we communicate in a contemporary world. Develop a cultural awareness in your own written, verbal and visual communication, and then analyse examples of intercultural communication that interest you most.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, essay
    Start date: April 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Language and Culture
    Course Code: LANG 1064
    Units: 4.5

  • Macroeconomics minus-thick plus-thick

    Analyse fundamental macroeconomic principles in the Australian economy and in an international setting. Look at the large-scale economy over time, the supply/demand model, economic policy and contemporary economic issues.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, supervised online exam
    Start date: June 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Economics
    Course Code: ECON 1011
    Units: 4.5

  • Management and Organisation minus-thick plus-thick

    Get an introduction into contemporary management theory and practice, including the main functions of planning, organising and leading. Explore culture, diversity and international dimensions, along with effective decision-making, motivational tools and managing change.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, case study
    Start date: April 2024
    Course Code: BUSS 2081
    Units: 4.5

  • Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange minus-thick plus-thick

    Discover the key marketing tools used by organisations and brands around the world. Learn the foundations of effective marketing strategies as well as the latest marketing insights and trends.

    Assessment: Report, marketing plan
    Start date: April 2024
    Course Code: MARK 1018
    Units: 4.5

  • Personal Finance minus-thick plus-thick

    Build your knowledge in important areas like individual budgeting and understanding financial statements, income tax and personal insurance. Explore credit and loans, financial planning, investing in shares and determining risk versus return.

    Assessment: Problem-solving exercise, personal financial plan
    Start date: April 2024
    Course Code: BANK 1010
    Units: 4.5

  • Principles of Economics minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn about the main principles of economics and how they apply to analysing individual behaviour, markets and government policy. Explore markets and incentives, market structures, trade, the role of public policy, and key issues like inflation and unemployment.

    Assessment: Case study, supervised online exam
    Start date: April 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Economics
    Course Code: ECON 1010
    Units: 4.5

  • Problem Solving and Programming minus-thick plus-thick

    Interested in learning how to tell a computer or application how to perform? Learn the fundamental principles of computer programming and the different languages and codes used, including Python. Essential to programming success is understanding what problems you’re trying to solve, so you’ll also deep dive into problem solving techniques such as complex mind mapping.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, project
    Start date: June 2024
    Course Code: COMP 1043
    Units: 4.5

  • Professional Practice in Data Analytics minus-thick plus-thick

    The modern world is built on data. Our digital transactions and online interactions generate a digital footprint that provides insights into our behaviour and trends. You’ll learn to capture and analyse data in order to provide meaning and help inform decision-making. You’ll also explore the challenges of data privacy and ethics as part of this practice.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, project
    Start date: June 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Digital Technologies
    Course Code: INFS 1028
    Units: 4.5

  • Psychology 1A minus-thick plus-thick

    The human brain is a fascinating thing. You’ll unpack the biological bases of psychology, including the structure and function of the human nervous system and cerebral cortex, different states of consciousness, motivations, emotions and learning. You’ll also start to explore research design, looking at how to approach meaningful research in this field.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, critical analysis, supervised online exam
    Start date: June 2024
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Psychology
    Course Code: BEHL 1030
    Units: 4.5

  • Public Relations: Theory and Practice minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn the fundamentals of media relations, public relations and advertising. Explore the political, economic, social and technological influences that shape the way organisations communicate.

    Assessment: Essay, Presentation, Summary
    Start date: June 2024
    Course Code: COMM 1076
    Units: 4.5

  • Retailing minus-thick plus-thick

    Discover how retailers, manufacturers and service providers get their products to market. Learn about product availability, different distribution channels, consumer behaviour in stores and the factors that influence decision-making at the point-of-sale. You’ll also explore online, mobile, and other retailing trends, challenges and opportunities.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, quizzes, retailer profile
    Start date: April 2024
    Course Code: MARK 2036
    Units: 4.5

Register your interest for 2025

Applications to study UniSA Accelerate in 2024 have now closed. 

If you are currently in year 11 and considering undertaking a UniSA Accelerate course in 2025, please register your interest below so we can keep you updated on the application timelines.

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Key Application Dates



November 2023 - Applications open


21 DEC

21 December 2023 – Last date to apply

21 DEC

21 December 2023 - Results submission deadline


25 JAN

25 January 2024 - Offers issued



March 2024 – Orientation



1 April 2024 – Start Study


24 JUN

June 2024 – Start Study


Your pathway to UniSA business

Through UniSA ACCELERATE, you’ll guarantee your place into a UniSA business degree and join one of the best business schools – in fact, we’re ranked in the top 1% worldwide.*

Careers in business are dynamic. On the backdrop of an ever-changing global landscape and changes in workplace practices and the way we do business, you’ll always be in demand. Whether you’re interested in breaking into the property sector, positioning brands, creating financial products or being the next big startup – a business degree is the right choice for you.

Through a business degree at UniSA, you’ll learn the fundamentals and specialise in an area that interests you most.

*UniSA Business is one of just 12 institutions in Australia and approximately 200 globally (from over 25,000 universities) to be EQUIS accredited. EFMD, March 2022.

Download ACCELERATE Course Matrix (PDF, 1.58kb)



  • What’s UniSA ACCELERATE? minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA ACCELERATE is a program designed for Year 12 students to get an early start on a business degree. By completing one or two courses through UniSA Online, you can guarantee your future place at UniSA. You can also apply to have courses count towards your SACE Stage 2 and ATAR.

    You can hear more about UniSA ACCELERATE by watching our webinar recording below:

    UniSA ACCELERATE webinar recording


  • When do applications open? minus-thick plus-thick

    Applications for UniSA Accelerate 2024 have now closed. Please contact if you have any questions regarding your application.

  • Who can apply and what is the selection criteria? minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA ACCELERATE is open to all Year 12 students living in South Australia. There are limited places available each year. As a minimum, students must meet the following criteria:

    Academic eligibility criteria

    • B average across all Year 11 subjects

    As places are limited, students may be ranked based on the number of A grades they achieve in their Year 11 subjects with preference also given to students who have completed SACE Stage 2 subjects.

    Personal eligibility criteria

    • In Year 12 (commencing in 2024) and living in South Australia;
    • Approval/endorsement from the student's school via nomination of the Principal or School Academic Adviser;
    • Support of parent(s) or guardian;
    • Confirmation of access to a computer, webcam and reliable internet as a condition of study; and
    • Confirmation of approval from SACE (if you intend to count this study towards your SACE Stage 2).

    We also encourage you to apply if you are wanting to study at university, you have an interest in the course content, and you have good initiative and organisational skills as this is important for 100% online learning!

    Applications for the UniSA Accelerate 2024 intake have now closed.

  • How do I apply? minus-thick plus-thick

    Applications for the 2024 intake are now closed. Please contact if you have any questions regarding your application. 

  • How will students be selected and when will they be notified if they're successful?  minus-thick plus-thick

    Students interested in studying a UniSA Accelerate course in 2024 must apply and submit a Support and Consent form before 21 December 2023. Once you receive your year 11 SACE Record of Achievement in late December, you will also need to supply these results to our team via our email by 21 December 2023 (don’t worry, we will send you an email reminder!). 

    Our selection panel will then review all applications and applicants will be notified of the outcome by 25 January 2024.  

    Selection into the program is competitive and while students must have achieved a B average across their year 11 year, students may be ranked based on the number of A grades they achieve in their Year 11 subjects with preference also given to students who have completed SACE Stage 2 Subjects. We will also consider the information you supply in your application form regarding your university study aspirations and how UniSA Accelerate aligns with your study goals.


    Applications to study UniSA Accelerate in 2024 are now closed.

  • Who do I contact if I have any questions before applying?  minus-thick plus-thick

    All enquiries can be sent to

Subjects and Entry Requirements

Learning and Student Support 

  • What are the start dates? minus-thick plus-thick

    There are two study start dates (April and June):

    Study Period 3: 1 April 2024

    Study Period 4: 24 June 2024

  • How will I learn? minus-thick plus-thick

    You’ll study 100% online through an interactive online learning platform, with 24/7 access to all course content and learning materials. You’ll engage with media-rich course content such as short videos, quizzes, and interactive activities as part of your learning. All readings, lectures, tutorials, assignments and exams are delivered online. Each UniSA Online courseis delivered over a 10-week period. To study at a flexible pace, you should allocate approximately 10–15 hours per week per course.

  • Will I be required to log on at set times? minus-thick plus-thick

    All content is available on demand and there are no set times for content delivery. Students will have the option to attend a weekly Zoom ‘drop in’ sessions with the Online Course Facilitator during the evening. Drop in sessions will be recorded for those that don’t attend.

    Please note: For courses that require an exam, students will be required to sit the exam at the scheduled time. The exams are held in Week 10 of the course from Monday to Friday at either 10:00am or 4.30pm. The timetable for exams is available from Week 4/5 of each Study Period. 

  • What student support is available? minus-thick plus-thick

    Through UniSA ACCELERATE, you’ll have access to a team of online tutors and academics who will guide you through your study. You’ll receive help with course materials and assessments and get personalised feedback on your work. UniSA Campus Central staff will also be available to help with any general enquiries about university life.

  • Will I need to come on campus? minus-thick plus-thick

    No – all courses offered through UniSA ACCELERATE are delivered 100% online, meaning there’s no need to come on campus. However, you’re more than welcome to visit your nearest campus.

  • Will I meet other students in the program? minus-thick plus-thick

    Yes – after you have enrolled in UniSA ACCELERATE you’ll be invited to attend a dedicated Orientation event where you can meet other students in the program, along with academic staff. At the end of your study, you’ll be invited to come together and celebrate your achievements.

  • What can I access on campus? minus-thick plus-thick

    You’ll receive a student card so you can access university facilities like the library and open learning spaces. You’ll also have full access to the Business Student Hub based at City West Campus.

  • What is expected from the mentor at the school level?   minus-thick plus-thick

    The mentor’s role at the school will be to guide the student through the application process, ensuring that the courses are aligned to their overall study plan, appropriate recognition is gained from SACE, check in on their progress, provide pastoral care support and be the main contact between UniSA and the school.


  • Will I receive credit towards my SACE? minus-thick plus-thick

    The SACE Board has recognition arrangements for students to complete some university study, which can count towards their SACE – refer to the University studies’ section on the SACE website. Recognition is granted for up to 20 credits of SACE Stage 2. Each UniSA Online course, offered through the UniSA ACCELERATE program, is the equivalent of a 10-credit subject.

    So, what does this mean? You can apply for SACE Stage 2 recognition for up to two ACCELERATE courses (excluding any SACE precluded combinations). If you do want to study a precluded combination, this can’t count towards your SACE results, but you’ll still receive study credit towards your future UniSA business degree.

  • How do I apply for SACE recognition? minus-thick plus-thick

    If you wish to apply for SACE Stage 2 recognition of your studies, you’ll need to submit an application form to SACE for approval (Form 12), with support from your career adviser at school. You will submit this form twice:

    1. Before commencing your studies –  select ‘Step 1: Request for pre-approval’ under Stage 2 category and provide the details of your UniSA Accelerate course
    2. After completing your studies – select ‘Step 2. Confirmation of completion’ and attach a transcript of your results

    Please Note: Step 1 will ask you to provide the course syllabus – this is not required as all of the UniSA Accelerate courses have already been approved by SACE.

  • Do I have to count this study towards my SACE Stage 2? minus-thick plus-thick

    No. UniSA ACCELERATE has been designed so you can make the choice. You can either top-up your overall study load or you can choose to count your studies towards your SACE Stage 2 in replacement of some Year 12 subjects.

  • Can these courses count towards my ATAR? minus-thick plus-thick

    Yes, but you first must apply to the SACE Board to have these courses count towards your SACE – refer to the FAQ ‘How do I apply for SACE recognition’ above.

    When you apply and receive approval to use these courses towards the completion of your SACE, courses will become eligible to be counted towards the 30 flexible credits part of the ATAR. 

    UniSA Accelerate courses are 4.5 units (0.125 EFTSL), the equivalent of a standard single semester Year 12 subject. Each single semester university course can contribute a maximum of 10 credits towards the SACE, with scaled scores assigned per the following table:

    Grade Scaled Score
    HD 10.00
    D 9.90
    C 9.00
    P1 7.90
    P2 5.75
    Conceded pass 5.00
    Non-graded passes Average of first 70 credits used

    Source: SATAC, ‘Recognised Studies’, Scaled score equivalents for higher education study

  • Are there some subjects that may not count towards my SACE? minus-thick plus-thick

    Each course offered through UniSA ACCELERATE  is the equivalent of a SACE Stage 2 10-credit subject. It’s important to note that SACE have approved all UniSA ACCELERATE courses for inclusion in Recognised Learning, however please ensure that you check all course selections for SACE precluded combinations. Either way, you’ll still receive study credit towards your future business degree and reduce your overall study time at UniSA.  

  • Will the students results be sent to the school or SACE, or will this be the students responsibility to inform SACE/School? minus-thick plus-thick

    As part of the UniSA ACCELERATE application form, students must consent to UniSA disclosing information about your academic progress to your school. This is intended to provide your school-based mentor with information to support you as you undertake UniSA courses alongside your year 12 subjects.

    UniSA ACCELERATE students will receive their final results and grades at the end of each study period through the same channels as other UniSA students. If you intend to apply for SACE Stage 2 recognition of your UniSA ACCELERATE studies, you should attach a copy of your Record of Study when you submit your application directly to the SACE Board.

     To obtain your record of study:

    • Log in to myUniSA
    • Navigate to my Academic record
    • Select my Record of study from the links on the right hand side

Costs and Scholarships

  • How much does it cost? minus-thick plus-thick

    There are no upfront costs in the UniSA ACCELERATE  program. You’ll be fully funded for up to two courses. When you apply and gain entry into the program, you’ll automatically receive a scholarship arrangement to pay for your studies. This will also cover the Federal Government’s compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee. There are limited positions available, but they could be increased based on demand. 

    Please be aware, that some courses require you to purchase a textbook which will be at your own expense.

  • Are there Scholarships available for the ACCELERATE program?  minus-thick plus-thick

    Yes, everyone who is successful in gaining a place in the UniSA Accelerate program, will automatically receive a scholarship that will cover the course fees and the Federal Government’s compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (excludes textbooks which will be at your own expense).

    Please be aware that places into the program are limited. View our minimum criteria above to find out more.

Completed Accelerate - Next Steps?

  • How do I flag my UniSA Accelerate studies as a part of my application to UniSA? minus-thick plus-thick

    Applying via SATAC

    So that we can consider you for guaranteed entry using your UniSA Accelerate studies, it is important that you include your UniSA Accelerate course within the Tertiary Study section of your SATAC application.

    On the Tertiary page, please enter the details as shown below:

    State: South Australia
    Institution: University of South Australia
    Name of campus: UniSA Online
    Full course title: UniSA Accelerate
    Level: Other tertiary studies e.g. non-award
    Year commenced: 2024
    Year completed or last enrolled: 2024
    Equivalent full-time years enrolled: 0.5
    Student number: Add your UniSA student ID
    Have you completed, or will you soon complete, the requirements of this course: Yes

    Computer screenshot of SATAC application steps

    Applying for a UniSA Online degree

    If you are applying for a 100% Online degree through UniSA Online please apply via our website and follow these steps to include UniSA Accelerate as part of your application. Please note: UniSA Online does not provide guaranteed entry however it is a good idea to flag your Accelerate Studies so our team can assess you for study credit.

    Highest level of study attempted or completed: Completed year 12 (or equivalent)

    Further in the application it will allow you to add additional qualifications. Please select yes.

    You would then complete the application as per the below:

    Which country have you studied in previously? Australia
    Name of education institution: University of South Australia
    Qualification Level: Bachelor Degree
    Award Name: UniSA Accelerate
    Have you completed this award: No
    Last year of study: 2024
    Language of instruction: English

    You will then be asked to upload a file. You can click save without adding a document and UniSA Online will be able to check your record.

    UO application.png

  • I have already applied to SATAC, can I go back and add in my Accelerate studies? minus-thick plus-thick

    Even if you have already submitted your application, you can go back and add your Accelerate studies under the Tertiary Studies section in the menu on the left side and follow the instructions in the above FAQ: ‘How do I flag my UniSA Accelerate studies as part of my application to UniSA?’.


  • What do I do when I get my Year 12 results in December? How do I confirm my guaranteed entry place into a UniSA business degree? minus-thick plus-thick

    You don’t need to do anything! As long as you successfully passed your UniSA Accelerate course/s and achieved a minimum ATAR of 50, we will automatically assess you for entry via SATAC and offer you a place into a UniSA Business degree (not including 100% UniSA Online degrees).

    Remember, that in order to guarantee an offer, it is important to list your preferred UniSA business degree as your first preference. This is because SATAC will work their way down your preference list, starting from 1 – 6, and offer you the first preference you are eligible for.


  • What happens if I failed one UniSA Accelerate course but pass the second one? Am I still eligible for guaranteed entry? minus-thick plus-thick

    In order to be eligible for guaranteed entry into a UniSA Business degree using your Accelerate studies, you are required to pass all UniSA Accelerate courses and achieve a minimum ATAR of 50.

    If you failed a UniSA Accelerate course, you will be considered on your ATAR only. However, if you obtain the guaranteed entry ATAR rest assured you will still be guaranteed a spot in a UniSA business degree program.

  • What if I apply to study with UniSA but no longer wish to study a business degree? Will I still be eligible for guaranteed entry? minus-thick plus-thick

    If you decide to study a degree other then a business degree, you will apply as normal however, you won’t receive guaranteed entry via UniSA Accelerate, you will be considered on your Selection Rank and grades.

Information for Mentors

  • As a mentor for a UniSA Accelerate student, what do I need to do/know to support the student? minus-thick plus-thick

    Thank you for agreeing to support your student through the UniSA ACCELERATE program.  

    While we have a range of UniSA support services available for students to access, you’ll also be important to ensuring their success. 

    Before the program commences, you’ll be invited to attend our orientation session so you can get a feel for the learning experience. From there, we encourage you to check-in with your student regularly and get in touch early if you have any questions or concerns so we can work through them together. 

Have questions about UniSA Accelerate?

Email us at

I still have questions - Who can I contact?

We’re here to help. Our Future Student Enquiries Team are the experts. Give us a call, submit an online enquiry or book a 1:1 appointment to have your questions answered.

Future Student Enquiries Team
(08) 8302 2376
9.00am – 5.00pm (ACDT), Monday to Friday