Fast-track your degree in business

Start studying university courses in Year 12 and guarantee your place into one of our many business degrees with study credit through UniSA ACCELERATE.


Happy student leaning on a high bench with document in one handAre you in Year 12 and interested in studying a business degree?

Well, UniSA ACCELERATE is a program open to all Year 12s (commencing in 2022) living in South Australia, giving you the chance to start studying university subjects in your final year of school and guaranteeing you an early place into your business degree at UniSA. You’ll get study credit towards your degree for successfully completed courses and you can also apply for study to be counted towards your SACE Stage 2.

Through UniSA ACCELERATE, you can study up to two subjects through UniSA Online in a wide variety of areas like accounting, business law, marketing, management, finance, retailing and psychology. You’ll study 100% online, giving you the ultimate flexibility to balance your other school studies and commitments. All learning, assessments and exams will be delivered online with dedicated academic and support staff, so you don’t need to come on campus. You’ll get a student ID card though, so if you want to explore your local campus and get the university experience you can!  

What subjects can I study?

  • Accounting for Business minus-thick plus-thick

    Develop the skills to turn numbers into meaning. Learn to record, report and interpret business transactions within the complete accounting lifecycle. You’ll also discover how key accounting information can be used to inform strategic business decisions.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, supervised online exam
    Start date: April 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Accounting

  • Business Law minus-thick plus-thick

    Explore and argue the fundamental legal and ethical principles that affect business operations. Learn about entering into commercial transactions and how business assets are protected.

    Assessment: Case study, supervised online exam
    Start date: April 2022

  • Communication and Media minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn the fundamentals of human communication and the social, political and economic influences that shape the way we communicate. You’ll also explore the role of media in today’s world and its impacts on information sharing, building narratives and connecting communities.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, project
    Start date: April 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Media Studies

  • Consumer Behaviour minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn how buyers behave. From customer loyalty, motivations and perceptions, to brand recall, purchasing influences and patterns of behaviour. You’ll discover how some of the biggest brands get us hooked.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, report
    Start date: June 2022

    To study this subject, you must have successfully completed Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange (MARK 1018).

  • Contemporary Aboriginal Issues minus-thick plus-thick

    Broaden your knowledge of the historical and contemporary issues that have and still impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Explore social justice and human rights, reconciliation, racism, power and powerlessness, employment, health, housing, criminal justice, stolen generations, media representation and native title.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, presentation
    Start date: April 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Aboriginal Studies

  • Intercultural Communication minus-thick plus-thick

    Discover how cultural diversity and globalisation has impacted language, its meaning and the way we communicate in a contemporary world. Develop a cultural awareness in your own written, verbal and visual communication, and then analyse examples of intercultural communication that interest you most.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, essay
    Start date: April 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Language and Culture

  • Macroeconomics minus-thick plus-thick

    Analyse fundamental macroeconomic principles in the Australian economy and in an international setting. Look at the large-scale economy over time, the supply/demand model, economic policy and contemporary economic issues.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, supervised online exam
    Start date: June 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Economics

  • Management and Organisation minus-thick plus-thick

    Get an introduction into contemporary management theory and practice, including the main functions of planning, organising and leading. Explore culture, diversity and international dimensions, along with effective decision-making, motivational tools and managing change.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, case study
    Start date: April 2022

  • Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange minus-thick plus-thick

    Discover the key marketing tools used by organisations and brands around the world. Learn the foundations of effective marketing strategies as well as the latest marketing insights and trends.

    Assessment: Report, marketing plan
    Start date: April 2022

  • Personal Finance minus-thick plus-thick

    Build your knowledge in important areas like individual budgeting and understanding financial statements, income tax and personal insurance. Explore credit and loans, financial planning, investing in shares and determining risk versus return.

    Assessment: Problem-solving exercise, personal financial plan
    Start date: April 2022

  • Principles of Economics minus-thick plus-thick

    Learn about the main principles of economics and how they apply to analysing individual behaviour, markets and government policy. Explore markets and incentives, market structures, trade, the role of public policy, and key issues like inflation and unemployment.

    Assessment: Case study, supervised online exam
    Start date: April 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Economics

  • Problem Solving and Programming minus-thick plus-thick

    Interested in learning how to tell a computer or application how to perform? Learn the fundamental principles of computer programming and the different languages and codes used, including Python. Essential to programming success is understanding what problems you’re trying to solve, so you’ll also deep dive into problem solving techniques such as complex mind mapping.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, project
    Start date: April 2022

  • Professional Practice in Data Analytics minus-thick plus-thick

    The modern world is built on data. Our digital transactions and online interactions generate a digital footprint that provides insights into our behaviour and trends. You’ll learn to capture and analyse data in order to provide meaning and help inform decision-making. You’ll also explore the challenges of data privacy and ethics as part of this practice.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, project
    Start date: June 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Digital Technologies

  • Psychology 1A minus-thick plus-thick

    The human brain is a fascinating thing. You’ll unpack the biological bases of psychology, including the structure and function of the human nervous system and cerebral cortex, different states of consciousness, motivations, emotions and learning. You’ll also start to explore research design, looking at how to approach meaningful research in this field.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, critical analysis, supervised online exam
    Start date: June 2022
    SACE precluded subject: Stage 2 Psychology

  • Retailing minus-thick plus-thick

    Discover how retailers, manufacturers and service providers get their products to market. Learn about product availability, different distribution channels, consumer behaviour in stores and the factors that influence decision-making at the point-of-sale. You’ll also explore online, mobile, and other retailing trends, challenges and opportunities.

    Assessment: Continuous assessment, quizzes, retailer profile
    Start date: April 2022

Your pathway to UniSA business

Through UniSA ACCELERATE, you’ll guarantee your place into a UniSA business degree and join one of the best business schools – in fact, we’re ranked in the top 1% worldwide.*

Careers in business are dynamic. On the backdrop of an ever-changing global landscape and changes in workplace practices and the way we do business, you’ll always be in demand. Whether you’re interested in breaking into the property sector, positioning brands, creating financial products or being the next big startup – a business degree is the right choice for you.

Through a business degree at UniSA, you’ll learn the fundamentals and specialise in an area that interests you most.

*UniSA Business is one of just 11 institutions in Australia and 191 globally to be accredited by EQUIS (from over 16,500 worldwide). EFMD, February 2021.

Download ACCELERATE Course Matrix (PDF, 57.4kb)

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Key Application Dates

01 OCT

1 October 2021 - Applications open


07 JAN

7 January 2022 – Applications close



March 2022 – Orientation



April 2022 – Start Study



June 2022 – Start Study




  • What’s UniSA ACCELERATE? minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA ACCELERATE is a program designed for Year 12 students to get an early start on a business degree. By completing one or two subjects through UniSA Online, you can guarantee your future place at UniSA. You can also apply to have subjects count towards your SACE Stage 2.


  • When do applications open? minus-thick plus-thick

    Applications are now open and close on 7 January 2022, after Year 11 results have been received. Start preparing your application here.

  • Who can apply? minus-thick plus-thick

    This program will be open to Year 12 students living in South Australia, commencing in 2022 or 2023. If you have achieved a B average from Year 11 subjects (SACE Stage 1) we encourage you to apply.

  • How do I apply? minus-thick plus-thick

    Applications are currently open, so start preparing your application here

  • How will students be selected and when will they be notified if they're successful?  minus-thick plus-thick

    All applications will be reviewed  equitably to ensure there is a fair and even representation from all schools both in metro Adelaide and regional South Australia. 

    Applications will close on Friday 7 January 2022. Students can expect an update on their application by 31 January 2022.

  • I am hoping to study a UniSA Accelerate course in 2023. Can I register to receive updates? minus-thick plus-thick

    Register your interest for 2023

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  • Who do I contact if I have any questions before applying?  minus-thick plus-thick

    All enquiries can be sent to

Subjects and Entry Requirements

Learning and Student Support 

  • What are the start dates? minus-thick plus-thick

    There’s one intake each year, but there are two study start dates (April and June). It’s important to check the individual start dates for subjects as they vary.

  • How will I learn? minus-thick plus-thick

    You’ll study 100% online through an interactive online learning platform, with 24/7 access to all course content and learning materials. You’ll engage with media-rich course content such as short videos, quizzes, and interactive activities as part of your learning. All readings, lectures, tutorials, assignments and exams are delivered online.

  • What student support is available? minus-thick plus-thick

    Through UniSA ACCELERATE, you’ll have access to a team of online tutors and academics who will guide you through your study. You’ll receive help with course materials and assessments and get personalised feedback on your work. UniSA Campus Central staff will also be available to help with any general enquiries about university life.

  • Will I need to come on campus? minus-thick plus-thick

    No – all subjects offered through UniSA ACCELERATE are delivered 100% online, meaning there’s no need to come on campus. However, you’re more than welcome to visit your nearest campus and you’ll receive invitations to events such as Orientation to experience university life.

  • Will I meet other students in the program? minus-thick plus-thick

    Yes – after you have enrolled in UniSA ACCELERATE you’ll be invited to attend a dedicated Orientation event where you can meet other students in the program, along with academic staff. You’ll also get the chance to join a campus tour. At the end of your study, you’ll be invited to come together and celebrate your achievements.

  • What can I access on campus? minus-thick plus-thick

    You’ll receive a student card so you can access university facilities like the library and open learning spaces. You’ll also have full access to the Business Support Hub based at City West Campus.

  • What is expected from the mentor at the school level?   minus-thick plus-thick

    The mentor’s role at the school will be to guide the student through the application process, ensuring that the subjects are aligned to their overall study plan, appropriate recognition is gained from SACE, check in on their progress, provide pastoral care support and be the main contact between UniSA and the school.


  • Will I receive credit towards my SACE? minus-thick plus-thick

    The SACE Board has recognition arrangements for students to complete some university study, which can count towards their SACE. Recognition is granted for up to 20 credits of SACE Stage 2. Each UniSA Online subject, offered through the UniSA ACCELERATE program, is the equivalent of a 10-credit subject.

    So, what does this mean? You can apply for SACE Stage 2 recognition for up to two subjects (excluding any SACE precluded combinations). If you do want to study a precluded combination, this can’t count towards your SACE results, but you’ll still receive study credit towards your future UniSA business degree.

  • How do I apply for SACE recognition? minus-thick plus-thick

    If you wish to apply for SACE Stage 2 recognition of your studies, you’ll need to submit an application form to SACE for approval, with support from your career adviser at school.

  • Do I have to count this study towards my SACE Stage 2? minus-thick plus-thick

    No. UniSA ACCELERATE has been designed so you can make the choice. You can either top-up your overall study load or you can choose to count your studies towards your SACE Stage 2 in replacement of some Year 12 subjects.

  • Can these courses count towards my ATAR? minus-thick plus-thick

    Yes, but you must apply directly to the SACE Board. When you apply and receive approval to use these subjects towards the completion of your SACE, the subjects will become eligible to be counted towards the 30 flexible credits part of the ATAR. For the SACE , see the University studies subsection. For SATAC/ATAR , see Recognised Studies.

    Grade Scaled Score
    HD 20.0
    D 19.8
    C 18.0
    P1 15.8
    P2 11.5
    P (Where P1 is not in grading system) 15.8
    P (Where P1 is in grading system) 11.5
    Conceded pass 10.0
    Non-graded passes Average of first 70 credits used

    Source: SATAC, 2021 Scaled score equivalents for higher education study

  • Are there some subjects that may not count towards my SACE? minus-thick plus-thick

    Each subject offered through UniSA ACCELERATE  is the equivalent of a SACE Stage 2 10-credit subject. It’s important to note that SACE have approved all UniSA ACCELERATE subjects for inclusion in Recognised Learning, however please ensure that you check all subject selections for SACE precluded combinations. Either way, you’ll still receive study credit towards your future business degree and reduce your overall study time at UniSA.  

Costs and Scholarships

  • How much does it cost? minus-thick plus-thick

    There are no upfront costs in the UniSA ACCELERATE  program. You’ll be fully funded for up to two subjects. When you apply and gain entry into the program, you’ll automatically receive a scholarship arrangement to pay for your studies. This will also cover the Federal Government’s compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee. There are limited positions available, but they could be increased based on demand. 

  • Are there Scholarships available for the ACCELERATE program?  minus-thick plus-thick

    For the first year (2022) we have 40 scholarships available and,  places will be evenly allocated across South Australian high schools. If you’re successful in gaining a place in the program, you’ll automatically receive a scholarship that will cover the course fees and the Federal Government’s compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee.   

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