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Major, Minor, Sub-Major


Students studying this sub-major will graduate with: skills in identifying trends and structures in society as they relate to social problems that emerge from cultural, political and economic change;  critical and creative thinking as they relate to social research and other knowledge claims; and communications skills. These equip students with abilities to make them lifelong learners as well as attractive candidates for employment in  public and private sectors as well as within non-government organisations.



Assumed Knowledge:



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
The Social World SOCU 1003 4.5 1
Sociological Perspectives SOCU 1002 4.5 1
Migration, Diversity and Citizenship HUMS 2038 4.5 2
Global Society and Movements SOCU 2017 4.5 2
Policy, Governance and the Economy POLI 3010 4.5 2
Contemporary Culture, Heritage and Conflict WELF 2016 4.5 2
Contemporary Sociological Debates SOCU 3036 4.5 3
Sociology of Gender and Intimacy HUMS 3034 4.5 3
Internship or Project COMM 3063 4.5 3
Social Research Methods SOCU 3037 4.5 3


  1. A sub-major consists of six courses (27 units), two of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory), two at Level 2 (Intermediate) and two at Level 3 (Advanced).
  2. A minor consists of four courses (18 units), two of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory) and two at Level 2 (Intermediate).
  3. Internship or Project COMM 3063 is not available to students studying Sociology as a sub-major or minor option.