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Minor, Sub-Major


Completion of the sub-major in journalism is designed for those who may aspire to other professions but who wish to broaden their university education by studying another interesting and relevant discipline. Nonetheless,  a 6 course major in Journalism will provide students with a sound basis in journalism theory and practice. This is apparent in the first year where students will study introductory News Reporting (a practical writing course for convergent media) and Media Contexts (which covers basic understandings of journalism theories/research as well as industry issues). Radio Journalism and Professional Writing will allow students to develop competencies both in broadcast and in writing styles beyond the newsroom. The last two courses in 3rd year are designed to advance students' writing skills in news contexts and other forms of communication.



Assumed Knowledge:



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
News Reporting COMM 1064 4.5 1
Media Contexts COMM 1059 4.5 1
Radio Journalism COMM 2077 4.5 2
Writing and Editing for Publication COMM 2009 4.5 2
Media Law and Ethics COMM 2076 4.5 2 Note(s): 1
Professional Writing COMM 3037 4.5 2
Advanced Professional Writing COMM 3057 4.5 3
Advanced News Writing COMM 3021 4.5 3




  1. Students already studying COMM 2076 Media Law and Ethics as part of their major requirements will need to undertake COMM 3037 Professional Writing for the Journalism sub-major.
  2. A sub-major in Journalism consists of six courses (27 units), two at Level 1 (Introductory), three at Level 2 (Intermediate) and one at Level 3 (Advanced).
  3. A minor in Journalism consists of four courses (18 units), two of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory) and two at Level 2 (Intermediate).
  4. The Journalism sub-major/minor is not available to students from the Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing program.
  5. The course COMM 3057 Advanced Professional Writing is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Communication and Media program.