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Digital Media


Minor, Sub-Major


The Digital Media sub-major provides students with the knowledge and skills to analyse, design and create a variety of digital media across multi platforms. Students will develop their knowledge of design principles, using industry-standard software moving from print productions to designing for the web and optimising their designs for current and future mobile devices conforming to web standards.



Assumed Knowledge:



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Introduction to Digital Media INFT 1014 4.5 1
Digital Design Essentials COMM 1066 4.5 1 Note(s): 2
Design for Digital Technologies COMM 2080 4.5 2
Interactive Web Design COMM 2082 4.5 1
Advanced Web Design GRAP 3012 4.5 3
Creative Production COMM 3065 4.5 2




  1. A Minor in Digital Media consists of four courses (18 units), two of which must be at Level 1 (Introductory) and two at Level 2 (Intermediate).
  2. MBCD Communication and Media, and DBMN Bachelor of Marketing and Communication students who are undertaking COMM 1066 Digital Design Essentials in their Professional Major, should enrol in COMM 1078 Introduction to Screen Sound.