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Environmental Systems


Major, Minor, Sub-Major, Extended Major


Environmental Systems provides a broad understanding of environmental sciences and policy, including the contemporary concepts of ecosystem management and sustainable development that link natural and social systems. Students receive a solid foundation in the natural sciences and field research techniques, while engaging in active, project-based learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to apply their skills and knowledge to solve complex environmental problems.



Assumed Knowledge:



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Biodiversity for the Environment BIOL 1014 4.5 1
Environment: A Human Perspective ENVT 1013 4.5 1
Sustainable Ecosystems BIOL 1015 4.5 1
Ecology BIOL 2023 4.5 2
Environmental Interpretation and Community Engagement ENVT 3016 4.5 2
Park and Wilderness Management ENVT 2004 4.5 3
Environmental Conflict and Public Consultation ENVT 3020 4.5 3
Restoration Ecology ENVT 3028 4.5 3




  1. Students who wish to choose other relevant courses (not listed above), must seek approval from the Program Director.
  2. Some courses include a field component (which may vary in length and distance travelled and may incur additional charges).