We Made A Thing Studios LogoThe Film Concept Lab is a unique and exclusive collaboration between the University of South Australia and We Made a Thing Studios (WeMAT).

A one-of-a-kind initiative in Australia, the Film Concept Lab is a proof of concept lab which enables local and emerging creatives to produce local IP and showcase elite talent that translates to a global market. The Lab offers a unique opportunity for in-industry experiences, providing select third-year Bachelor of Film and Television  students the exclusive opportunity to work on a live short film production, learning and working directly with industry professionals. The Lab is a four-week intensive course and is run twice a year.

As a unique experience, The Lab expands student networks and provides valuable on-set experience and credits before they graduate. Students get first-hand and hands-on experience across filmmaking departments including directing, development, camera, producing, and editing. Students shadow and learn from experienced industry heads of departments, allowing a front seat view of the full process from concept to creation.

Students then see their name in the film credits at the film’s premier at a major film festival. There is no opportunity like this anywhere else, and a major boost to the resume upon graduation.

"My involvement with FCL has been an invaluable hands-on experience. It has provided me with knowledge and a perfect insight into my future career, as well as prime networks. I would recommend this course to ALL film and TV students, as it is an opportunity of a lifetime."

Anna Kimura
Bachelor of Film and Television student and Film Concept Lab participant

View the 2020 Film Concept Lab film, The Normals, here 
*please note that the film contains violence and adult themes, so viewer discretion is advised.

Josh McCarthy.Apart from the film itself, there is nothing fabricated about this experience for the students, it is an invaluable opportunity to work in real time on a genuine project, with local and highly successful SA industry collaborators.”

Film and Television Program Director, Dr Josh McCarthy

The Lab offers students:

  • an authentic experience working on a commissioned film that is professionally produced and aired to the public.
  • access to a range of film making experiences, including narrative development, story boarding, camera operating, audio/visual recording, visual effects, editing, directing and acting.
  • to see their name in the film credits, with every student working on the film being awarded a professional film credit and to attend the premiere of their movie.
  • the opportunity to network with film making professionals that may lead to further work in the industry.


Third year students in the Bachelor of Film and Television, who have completed all required second year courses, are eligible to apply for participation in the Film Concept Lab.

  • Students may apply for the Film Concept Lab as part of the course COMM 3063 Internship or Project;


  • Students who have completed COMM 3063 and wish to apply for the Film Concept Lab, and are selected to participate, will be advised as to the process for enrolment by the MBME Program Director.

Once students complete the requirements for the Film Concept Lab course they will be eligible for 4.5-units credit towards MBME. Applications for credit should be made to the MBME Program Director.

There will be limited places (20) available and students will be required to submit a portfolio of relevant work (a 1-2 minute production showreel) to the Program Director. Student selection will be based upon the quality of work in the submitted portfolio and their program GPA.

Assessment tasks will combine individual and team based practical tasks, self-reflection on skill building and a live concept pitch to industry.

Get in touch

For more information on the Film Concept Lab, please contact:

Josh McCarthy
Program Director: Visual Effects, UniSA Creative
B2-07, Magill Campus