Complete a packaged bachelor and master’s degree

Did you know that you can complete some UniSA bachelor degrees with a master’s qualification in a shorter amount of time (typically one year full-time) through our Fast-track to Masters packaged programs?

Combining some of our most popular degrees, you’ll replace select courses from your bachelor’s program with master-level courses, reducing your overall study time.  

You’ll graduate ahead of the pack with two degrees, strengthening your knowledge and skills. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to unleash your unstoppable career today!

How to apply

Pathway to Masters

How to apply


To be eligible for and to complete a Fast-Track to Masters program, you must:

  • Meet the entry requirements for the selected undergraduate program;*
  • Achieve a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 at the end of your second year of your undergraduate program (or at the end of semester one for STEM-related degrees with no direct entry); and
  • Successfully substitute the nominated undergraduate courses or electives for the selected postgraduate courses. Please note this does not apply for the Architecture package.

Future domestic students

Applications for most of our Fast-track to Masters programs are done through SATAC via a unique code. Alternatively, you might need to apply for an internal transfer after successfully completing part of your bachelor’s degree (this applies to STEM packages only). Once you receive an offer and commence your bachelor’s degree, we’ll work with you to create a personalised study plan. This means, looking at the different courses and electives you can study and when to ensure you finish within the fast-tracked timeframe.

You’ll need to connect with your Program Director to do this. However, if you’re studying one of our business programs, this is done through the Business Student Hub.

Future international students

If you reside overseas and wish to complete a Fast-track to Masters program, please indicate this as part of your online application. Applications to study at UniSA need to be made before arriving to Australia. Register or login here to begin your application. 

Current students

If you’re a current UniSA student and have successfully completed your first or second year of undergraduate study (with a competitive GPA), you’ll need to meet with one of our student services teams to discuss your eligibility. Start by going to your local Campus Central team.

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