About the program

This program will be available in 2021

For year 11 students with an aptitude for mathematics

The Maths Experience Program engages students in an intensive one day experiential program delivered by academic staff from relevant UniSA disciplines.

High-achieving high school students are selected to attend the program by their school. Selected students should be talented and enthusiastic students with an aptitude for mathematics who have shown an interest in pursuing a mathematically-based career.

What will students do?

As part of the program, students will:


  • Each school can nominate up to two students to attend this program. Additional students may be placed on a waitlist should a school wish to nominate more than two students for this program.
  • Places in the program are limited and are filled in the order that nominations are received.
  • As the program is a practical activity, students will be required to wear closed-in shoes. School uniform is optional.
  • Duty of care for students will be managed by UniSA Connect staff.
  • Students will receive a confirmation email (teachers CCd) if their nomination is successful. Full details for the day will be sent to students in this email.
  • Teachers will receive confirmation of booking and pre-visit information.


No bookings are currently available for this program.