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From submitting your application, to finalising your preferences and receiving an offer, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know about applying to study at UniSA in 2022. Are you ready to start your unstoppable career?

If you’re still exploring your study options, check out our range of degrees. Or if, you’re ready to apply, visit our How to Apply website.

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  • Preferencing minus-thick plus-thick

    With space for 6 preferences in your SATAC application, don’t forget to explore the pathway options into your desired UniSA degree. We encourage you to arrange these in order of your passion with the program you most want to study as your first preference.

    We also suggest including some back up options including related degrees or UniSA College programs – just in case. These back up options might be useful if you haven’t met the Selection Rank, received the required Year 12 grades or studied the prerequisite subjects.

    If you’re applying for a competitive degree, such as the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) or Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) for example, and aren’t sure you will meet the entry requirements for direct entry, it’s important you consider how you structure your preferences to maximise your chances of getting an offer. We have provided an example below with some tips that explain how to order your preferences to include related degrees as pathway options.




    SATAC code

    Preference 1


    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


    Preference 2


    Bachelor of Human Movement


    Preference 3


    Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health)


    Preference 4


    Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science


    Preference 5


    Diploma in Health


    Preference 6


    UniSA Foundation Studies





    SATAC code

    Preference 1


    Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)


    Preference 2


    Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) (Cognitive Neuroscience)


    Preference 3


    Bachelor of Psychology


    Preference 4


    Bachelor of Psychology (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills)


    Preference 5


    Bachelor of Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience)


    Preference 6


    Diploma in Arts


    Preference related degrees
    Add UniSA College

    Number 1

    Preference related degrees

    Where possible, make sure you add another preference in a similar field as a pathway option.
    After completing four courses, you may be eligible to apply to transfer or re-apply for another UniSA degree. Entry is based on achieving a competitive GPA (Grade Point Average). Log into your SATAC account to update your application.

    Number 2

    Add UniSA College

    UniSA College Diploma and Foundation Studies programs also provide pathways into a wide range of UniSA degrees.

    UniSA College Pathways

    Number 3

    Explore alternative pathways

    Don’t forget to consider a range of other alternative pathways including Vocational Education Training (VET), SAIBT or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

    Explore alternative pathways

  • Year 12 results release and your next steps minus-thick plus-thick

    When your Year 12 SACE results are released on 13 December 2021, we recommend following five steps to explore guaranteed entry and help get you ready for the main offer round.

    Number 1

    Confirm your selection rank

    When you receive your SACE results log into the SATAC website and use the self-service portal to confirm both your ATAR and your Selection Rank. Your Selection Rank is your ATAR inclusive of any adjustment factors and is the final ranking that SATAC will use to assess your application for university entry.

    If you have trouble logging onto the SATAC website, or you would prefer to speak with one of our friendly team members, our Future Student Enquiries Team will be open from 8.30am – 6.30pm on the day of results release. You can give us a call and we can confirm your Selection Rank over the phone, just make sure you have your 9-digit SATAC reference number handy!  

    Once you have confirmed your Selection Rank, you may wish to check whether you have met guaranteed entry.

    Number 2

    Check if you're eligible for a  guaranteed offer

    For 2022 entry, you could be guaranteed entry based on either your Selection Rank  your three best Year 12 subject grades. If you are eligible for guaranteed entry* and you put UniSA as your first preference you are guaranteed an offer. Check out the Guaranteed Entry calculators to explore which degrees you might be guaranteed into.

    If you don’t meet the guaranteed entry cut-off, or if there isn’t a guaranteed entry cut-off for your preferred program, don’t worry, you’ll still be considered as part of a competitive entry process. As a back-up, we think it’s important for you to consider listing pathway programs in your preference list. Check out the Preferences section on this website to learn more.  

    *Which includes meeting any entry requirements such as  prerequisites and other eligibility criteria

    Number 3

    Finalise your preferences

    Make sure you finalise your preferences by the Change of Preference deadline (15 December 2021) to be considered for the main December offer round on 21 December 2021.  And remember, if you get a conditional offer from another university, keep it as a back-up plan in your preference list.   

    Number 4

    Pay your fees and submit any documentation

    Importantly, make sure you have paid your SATAC fee and submitted any required documentation to SATAC.

    Number 5

    Prepare for the main offer round

    The main December offer round on 21 December 2021 will consider all preferences and all UniSA programs. Offers will be released by 5.00pm so keep an eye on your emails. Also make sure you have your mobile number in the SATAC system, so we can keep you updated via SMS.

    • If you receive an offer to your first preference – Congratulations! As your offer was to your first preference SATAC will automatically accept this offer on your behalf. If you have questions, give us a call – we’d be happy to help and will have extended opening hours over the Christmas and New Year break.

      Make sure you check your offer email from SATAC and UniSA welcome email to see if your program has an enrolment lapse date. A small number of UniSA programs require you to enrol in your courses by a certain date to guarantee your place.
    • If you receive an offer for a program that is not your first preference, make sure you log into SATAC to respond to your offer. If you don’t respond to your offer, SATAC will not consider you for any higher preferences.

    • If you don’t receive an offer – remember there are still further offer rounds throughout January and February that you can be considered for.
  • UniSA Guaranteed Entry minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA offers guaranteed entry into many degrees for Year 12 students and Vocational Education Training (VET) graduates.

    For 2022 entry, year 12 students may be guaranteed entry based on either their Selection Rankor three best Year 12 subject grades. Check out our video below for more information and then visit our guaranteed entry calculators to explore which degrees you might be guaranteed into. If you’re using TAFE or VET qualifications for entry, visit our TAFE/VET guaranteed entry calculator.

    UniSA Video


    How does guaranteed entry work?

    Guaranteed Entry has been designed for those applying with Year 12 and Vocational Education Training (VET) qualifications to provide certainty when applying to university and waiting on an offer.

    You’re guaranteed a place into many UniSA degrees if:

    • Either your Selection Rank, Year 12 subject grades or VET award meets the UniSA Guaranteed Entry score for that degree, and
    • you have met the prerequisites and any specific requirements for admission, and
    • you have listed the degree as your first preference in your SATAC application, with any required documentation submitted to SATAC on time.

    Head to our Guaranteed Entry website to explore which degrees you may be guaranteed a place for. Our Guaranteed Entry calculators help you search for UniSA undergraduate degrees based on your predicted or actual Year 12 grades or Selection Rank. We also offer guaranteed entry based on previously completed VET courses, more information can be found here.

    What if I don't meet the guaranteed entry score?

    If you don’t meet the UniSA Guaranteed Entry score for either Year 12 Grades or Selection Rank, you’ll still be considered for competitive entry. When there are more eligible applicants than available places in your preferred degree, offers are made to applicants in descending order of Selection Rank scores until all places are filled. The lowest Selection Rank that receives an offer into a degree is called the ‘competitive cut-off’. This can vary each year depending on the number of applicants and places available.  Minimum entry requirements, such as prerequisites still apply. 

  • Offers minus-thick plus-thick


    Yay! I’ve got my offer – what’s next?

    Congratulations on receiving a UniSA offer! We can’t wait to welcome you to the UniSA community.

    • If you received an offer to your first preference, SATAC will automatically accept your offer on your behalf – there’s nothing more you need to do.*
    • If you have received an offer for a program that is not your first preference, make sure you log into SATAC to accept/respond to your offer. You can’t be considered for any higher preferences until you respond.

    Look out for your new students email in your inbox that will tell you everything you need to know about accessing your UniSA student email, key dates and the like. in the meantime, check out the New Students website and watch the How to Enrol video to get a head start on your enrolment checklist, planning your timetable and enrolling in your courses.

    *Please note that offerees to programs below must enrol into their courses by the date listed on their offer letter. Failure to enrol by the date listed will result in the offeree forfeiting their offer and will be discontinued from the degree. For more information, please contact Future Student Enquiries.

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
    Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging)
    Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Nuclear Medicine)
    Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Radiation Therapy)
    Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
    Bachelor of Podiatry
    Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours)
    Bachelor of Midwifery
    Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

    I’ve received an offer but want to be considered for another preference

    If you’ve received an offer to your first preference, SATAC will automatically accept your offer on your behalf. If you have received an offer for a degree that is not your first preference, it’s important that you log into your SATAC application to accept/respond to your offer otherwise SATAC will presume you don’t want to be considered for any higher preferences in later offer rounds. It’s best to give Future Student Enquiries a call to talk through your individual circumstances. We can also advise on including pathway programs in your application.

    I didn’t receive an offer, what should I do?

    There are many offer rounds, starting in September 2021 and going right through until late February 2022. If you haven’t received an offer after the 21 December 2021 offer round, contact Future Student Enquiries team to talk through your options to ensure you have pathway programs included in your application.

  • Enrolment minus-thick plus-thick

    The New Students website will take you through the steps of enrolment, including the pre-enrolment checklist. Make sure you have planned your timetable and completed your enrolment checklist before your program opens. Check out our How to Enrol video to learn more about this process.

    Enrolment into your degree will begin in early January and will vary from degree to degree.



    Thursday 6 January 2022

    Allied Health and Human Performance
    Clinical and Health Sciences – Pharmacy and Medical Science programs only
    Clinical and Health Sciences – Midwifery program only

    Friday 7 January 2022

    Education Futures

    Monday 10 January 2022

    Justice and Society
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

    Tuesday 11 January 2022

    Clinical and Health Sciences - Nursing program only

    Wednesday 12 January 2022

    UniSA College

  • Scholarships minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA offers scholarships and grants to a wide range of students from all different backgrounds. Our online scholarships search engine will help you find what you may be eligible for and will outline any application dates and key criteria.

Key dates


2 August 2021
SATAC undergraduate applications open

16 September 2021
September offer round for non-school leavers (all preferences)

30 September 2021
Early application closing date (avoid a SATAC late fee)

21 October 2021
October offer round for non-school leavers (all preferences)

11 November 2021
November offer round for non-school leavers (all preferences)

1 December 2021
Equal consideration deadline. Applications submitted after this date may not be given equal consideration. Chat with our Future Student Enquiries team to find out of your degree of interest is considered.

2 December 2021
Early December offer round for non-school leavers (all preferences)

13 December 2021
SACE results release

15 December 2021
Change of preference deadline for Semester 1 offers

21 December 2021
Main December offer round (all preferences)


3 January 2022
IB results release

10 January 2022
Response deadline for main December offer round (and the change of preference deadline for IB students).

14 January 2022
Main January offer round (all preferences)

20 January 2022
Response deadline for main January offer round

24 January 2022
Offer round for programs that still have vacancies

From 1 February 2022
Further offer rounds every Tuesday and Thursday until 17 March for those programs that still have vacancies

21-25 February 2022
Orientation week

28 February 2022
UniSA classes commence


I still have questions - Who can I contact?

We’re here to help. Our Future Student Enquiries Team are the experts and will have extented opening hours throughout the Christmas and New Year break, including Year 12 SACE Results Release Day. Give us a call to have your questons answered.

Extended holiday opening hours (weekdays only)

Monday 13 December 2021 8.30am – 6.30pm
Tuesday 14 – Wednesday 15 December 2021 9.00am – 6.00pm
Thursday 16 – Thursday 23 December 2021 9.00am – 5.00pm
Friday 24 – Tuesday 28 December 2021 CLOSED
Wednesday 29 – Thursday 30 December 2021 9.00am – 5.00pm
Friday 31 December 2021 – Monday 3 January 2022 CLOSED
As per normal (9.00am – 5.00pm) from Tuesday 4 January 2022.

Future Student Enquiries Team

(08) 8302 2376