All final year Preservice Teachers (PSTs) at the University of South Australia are offered an internship opportunity that leads to their final Professional Experience placement. This is a voluntary commitment by PSTs that enhances their preparation for entry into the teaching profession. Internships begin in Week 0. A University Supervisor will be assigned to each internship and will be available for both the Intern and site to contact if needed.

If you are completing your final year of the Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching Program, you are invited to apply for an internship within an education site. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a site from the beginning of the year.

  • What is an internship? minus-thick plus-thick

    An internship is an extended placement in the site where you will complete your final placement. You attend the site regularly, beginning in school week 0 up until your placement block. You then complete your full placement, as scheduled, at the same site.

  • What are the benefits of doing an internship? minus-thick plus-thick

    You will:

    • Gain insights into how a site works from the beginning of the year
    • Build relationships with staff, students, caregivers and the wider community over an extended period of time
    • Immerse yourself within the curriculum within specific classes/learning environments and draw on this knowledge within your own planning for teaching
    • Collect and develop resources for teaching
    • Observe a number of teachers at work
    • Participate in extra-curricular activities, such as camps, musicals and sports
    • Learn through involvement in orientation, induction and professional development sessions
    • Increased opportunities to collect evidence of your practice in relation to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
    • Seamlessly transition from internship to your block placement
    • Build confidence for your block placement and for starting your career as a teacher
    • Establish networks that may support future employment
    • Apply within nominated sites, and, if successful, know your placement site by the end of the year prior to your placement.

    Watch this video for more information about the benefits. 

  • What does an intern do? minus-thick plus-thick

    Internships provide opportunities to immerse yourself in an education site and within classes. Interns are encouraged to take up opportunities that involve them in the site, as well as within specific classrooms. Some of the involvement of an intern would include:

    • Spending time within allocated classes at the site
    • Working as a para-professional in the school
    • Supporting the teacher(s) with their work including preparation and planning
    • Working with students to enhance their learning opportunities
    • Be involved in extra-curricular activities such as camps, musicals, and sports.
  • What is the time commitment of an internship? minus-thick plus-thick
    • Two days at the site in school week 0. Please note that intensives running at this time will not preclude you from taking up the internship.
    • If your block placement is in Term 2: one day per week from school week 1
    • If your block placement is in Term 3: one day a fortnight from school week 1
    • Interns may negotiate to spend additional time in the site beyond the minimum requirement.
  • What are the prerequisites of an internship? minus-thick plus-thick

    You will:

    • Have the capacity to demonstrate a professional approach at all times (e.g. keen to learn, highly organised, cooperative, resilient)
    • Have commitment to and passion for the teaching profession
    • Hold a valid DHS Criminal History Screen/ Child-related Employment screen/Working With Children Check (please note: all clearances must be valid for the full duration of your internship and scheduled placement)
    • Have completed full day RAN—Education and Care focus training
    • Have satisfactory completion of all prerequisites for the final Professional Experience course in your program
    • Have successful completion of LANTITE
    • Be able to commit to the time involved in an internship.
  • How do I apply? minus-thick plus-thick

    To apply you will need to prepare a written expression of interest (in the form of a cover letter) and provide a current curriculum vitae (CV).

    Your expression of interest (cover letter) should be formatted as follows:

    • Addressed to: The Professional Experience Office, University of South Australia, St Bernard’s Road, Magill SA 5072
    • Be 1-page (maximum) length
    • Written in size 11 font.

    Your expression of interest (cover letter) must include the following:

    • An introduction to who you are and why you should be selected as an intern
    • Your motivation for participating in the internship program
    • An explanation of how you will manage the time commitment required for the internship
    • Your contact details (email and telephone).

    You will need to upload your expression of interest (cover letter) and CV to InPlace.

    All applications need to be uploaded to InPlace (login required).

    Further information about upcoming internships will be made available here once the internship opportunities have been confirmed with all parties.

  • How can I find out which sites are offering internships? minus-thick plus-thick

    A list of sites with internship opportunities will be available through InPlace (login required). The PEO will send an email to advise you once these opportunities can be viewed. You will also receive a how to apply guide. To be eligible for an internship you will need to choose three internship opportunities across three different sites.

  • Selection process minus-thick plus-thick
    1. Applications are reviewed by University of South Australia personnel and short listed.
    2. Short listed applications are forwarded to the relevant sites by the PEO.
    3. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the relevant site via email or phone and may be required to attend an interview (interviews are usually held mid to late November).
    4. Successful applicants will be notified by the PEO once an Internship has been secured and all prerequisites have been met.
    5. If you are not short listed for your three Internship preferences, you will be contacted by the PEO regarding other possible Internship opportunities in a second round.

    For all enquiries about internships, please contact the Professional Experience Office (PEO).

    Please read all information provided carefully before making contact with the PEO.

  • Terms and conditions minus-thick plus-thick
    1. Preservice Teachers are required to apply for three internship opportunities at three different sites.
    2. You cannot apply for more or less than three different opportunities.
    3. If you apply for more or less than three sites your application cannot be processed.
    4. The only exception is where opportunities in three different sites are unavailable for a particular learning area or within a country area.
    5. If the apply now button on Inplace does not display, the opportunity may not be open for applications, may not be available to your course, or may be full.
    6. As part of the application process, the selection panel will access your most recent placement report on InPlace.

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