01 February - 29 October 2021

These workshops provide students the opportunity to participate in a variety of creative activities, with workshop options that focus on one of the following areas:

  • Architecture - This hands-on workshop explores sustainable design, and how environmental factors interact with shape and form. Participants will construct a small living environment out of common craft materials and gain an insight into how construction principles can affect the way we live.
  • Contemporary Art: Photography - Discover the beginnings of photography by developing your own photogram or shadowgram, using a variety of objects to create interesting and thought-provoking pieces of work.
  • Contemporary Art: Printmaking - Relief printmaking techniques offer a simple, accessible way to explore the fundamentals of communication and design. In this workshop, participants will create simple linocut elements and combine them to make collaborative posters of text and image.
  • Communication Design - Unlock your creative thinking process through this design awareness workshop that will provide an understanding of design principles and their place in the creative world.
  • Communication and Media – Discover how organisations use communication and media strategies to influence people’s decision-making and behaviour in this interactive and engaging workshop. Be exposed to study and career pathways in this field and develop knowledge to the type of work that communication professionals commonly do.
  • Film and Television - Gain interactive experience in our dedicated film and television studios. Budding media professionals will learn about motion capture, green screen technology and TV newsreading and gain an insight into the industry.
  • Illustration and Animation: The Visualisation Project - Learn how to develop complex illustrations, character designs and comic panels through creative visualisation techniques. This workshop introduces students to design process strategies, enabling them to swiftly convey concepts through idea generation.
  • Interior Architecture - Guided by a seasoned academic and professional, this workshop will delve into the world of interior architecture and prove interactive experiences to demonstrate creative thinking processes.
  • Product Design: Drawing for Designers - Learn how drawings can be used as a method of communicating complex ideas about form, space, size, volume, scale, texture, materials, and processes to others.

These interactive workshops are subject to capacity limits and are based on availability of staff and facilities. Bookings are essential.



Which workshops are you interested in (workshops run for 1-2.5 hours each)?*