A Career in Marketing Presentation

Where: At your school
Duration: 45 or 90 minutes 
Audience: Year 11 and 12 Business and Enterprise classes

Marketing students at the UniSA Business School are taught by marketing experts from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, one of the world’s leading centres for research in marketing. The Institute makes fundamental discoveries about consumer behaviour and advises international companies like Coca-Cola, Mars and Unilever. However very few high school students understand what marketing is and where it can take them. So, how do we teach them?
Our marketing experts from the Institute will come to you to teach your students what marketing is, why it’s important and what it takes. Students will learn the 4P’s of marketing and discover some advertising and branding truths!


Enterprising Careers in commerce

Where: City West or at your school
Duration: 30 minutes 
Audience: Year 11 and 12

Making smart decisions is key to success. Sound decisions rely on sound information which rings true in everyday life as well as in business. Our Commerce workshop will uncover how businesses achieve financial success and the key information they need for decision-making from critical business functions including accounting, economics, finance and property.


Building a Successful Business

Where: City West or at your school
Duration: 60 minutes 
Audience: Year 11 and 12

Discover the underlying principles of owning a business and explore first-hand what is involved in the management. From crafting a name, through to constructing a comprehensive business plan.


Accounting and Economics Exam Revision Sessions

Where: City West Campus
Duration: 120 minutes
Audience: Year 12 Economics and/or Accounting students

Expert tips and strategies on how to prepare for success in SACE Stage 2 Accounting & Economics exams each year.

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