Fast-track your career with a bachelor's and master's degree in just four years of study

For select business degrees, you can gain a bachelor's degree and master's qualification in just four years of study with our 3+1 Pathway to Masters package. This unique offering allows you to fast-track your studies and graduate with greater expertise and career opportunities.

You will study a three-year bachelor degree1 and a one-year master's qualification (typically two years) in just four years by substituting four nominated undergraduate courses or electives for selected postgraduate courses.

3+1 Pathway to Masters programs are available for the following programs:

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How does it work?

The 3+1 Pathway to Masters package enables you to commence a three-year bachelor's degree and secure a place in a one-year master’s qualification (usually two years), resulting in just four years of full-time study.

You will fast track your progression into your master’s qualification by substituting four selected courses or electives in your bachelor's degree to complete master’s-level courses.

If you are successful in gaining entry into one of our 3+1 Pathway to Masters packages, you must meet the GPA requirements at the end of your second year in the bachelor's degree in order to continue on in the master’s program.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce the overall duration of your studies by gaining a bachelor's degree and master’s qualification in just four years
  • Increase your earning potential with a postgraduate level qualification
  • Broaden your knowledge and skillset, and deepen your expertise in your field
  • Expand your career opportunities and stand out from the crowd

What courses will I study?

You will complete set courses in your bachelor's degree and substitute four nominated undergraduate courses or electives for four selected postgraduate courses. These master’s courses can be found under What courses you’ll study in the Electives tab when viewing the relevant undergraduate bachelor's degree webpage.

You will then continue your study to complete the remaining master’s courses in one year. Once you’ve commenced your studies, the Business Student Hub will be in touch with your packaged study plan.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for and to complete a 3+1 Pathway to Masters package, you must:

  • Meet the entry requirements for the selected undergraduate program1
  • Achieve a minimum GPA of 4.0 at the end of the second year in your undergraduate program, and
  • Be able to substitute the four nominated undergraduate courses/electives for the four selected postgraduate courses.

Current students in their first or second year may be eligible to transfer into a 3+1 Pathway to Masters package. The 3+1 Pathway to Masters may not be available to applicants who are entering the undergraduate program with more than 36 units of credit from prior studies (however the Bachelor of Business program does allow up to 54 units of credit).

Please contact the Business Student Hub to discuss your eligibility and find out more about which courses you can substitute. 

1Eligible programs only.

What will I pay?

All courses you complete within the undergraduate program of your 3+1 Pathway to Masters package are Commonwealth Supported, so you can defer these payments via HECS-HELP. When you enter the Masters qualification, the full postgraduate coursework fees apply, however these can be partly or fully deferred via FEE-HELP. Further information on the fees can be found here.

How to apply

Current students

If you have successfully completed your first or second year of undergraduate study and have met the required GPA, make an appointment with the Business Student Hub to discuss your 3+1 Pathway to Masters package and study plan.

Future students


Applications to undertake one of our 3+1 Pathway to Masters packages can be made via SATAC using the unique SATAC codes detailed on this page. Once you have commenced your studies with us, the Business Student Hub will be in contact with you during your first year to provide you with a study plan. You will need to ensure that you study the correct combination of courses and electives in order to complete your 3+1 Pathway to Masters package in four years.


For students residing overseas who wish to undertake a 3+1 Pathway to Masters program, please indicate this as part of your online application. Applications to study at UniSA need to be made before arriving to Australia. Register or login here to begin your application.  



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