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Games Design and Production



Major, Minor


This major or minor will provide students the opportunity to develop expertise in the processes and practices of the game industry. Students undertaking this course of study will have skills and experience across four areas:

1) Project Management for game development,
2) Storytelling for games across a range of platforms and formats,
3) User Experience and User Interface design for games,
4) The theories, tools, techniques and processes of games and interactive media development.

The first year of study provides students with a general introduction to the industry, tools, theories, markets, genres and business models. In the second year of study students learn the tools and techniques of storytelling in games as well as basic animation techniques (i.e. art & rigging).

Students completing the Games Design and Production major will work closely with the industry partner in their final year of study to plan, budget and pitch a game that can be produced alongside professional game producers.

The introductory and intermediate courses will have content informed by the industry partner and advanced courses will be facilitated and hosted by them with a capstone Internship experience at the Mighty Kingdom studio.



Assumed Knowledge



Course Area and cat no. Units Level References
Introduction to Games Design GRAP 1030 4.5 1
Introduction to CGI COMM 1067 4.5 1
Designing for Games GRAP 2037 4.5 2
Character Performance COMM 2083 4.5 2
The four courses listed in the Minor plus the following:
Digital Projects COMM 3087 4.5 3
Managing Games Design GRAP 3021 4.5 3
Games Production Industry Lab GRAP 3020 9 3 Note(s): 1




  1. This course will be an internship at industry partner Mighty Kingdom. Students will be involved in a Games Production project under supervision by the Mighty Kingdom team