Start Date

2 year(s) full-time


Program Code

424621 (Packaged)
426011 (Internal)
426070 (Packaged)
426071 (Packaged)
426073 (Packaged)

Study as
Full-time or part-time


Assumed Knowledge

Entry Scores
2023 Guaranteed Entry
Year 12 (ATAR-based): 50.00
Year 12 (Grades-based): C,C,C
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2022 Cut-Offs
Year 12 (ATAR-based):
- Internal: 51.95
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Degree overview

  • Guaranteed* entry into the second year of many Arts degrees (*upon successful completion).
  • A great back up option if you don’t think you’ll get the ATAR for your preferred degree.
  • You can still access UniSA College staff and support services while you’re studying the first year of your degree.
  • In your second year, study the same courses alongside other (first year) Arts students.
  • Get the full student experience with events, entertainment, sports, clubs, volunteering opportunities and more.


296x202_whymffs.pngThe Diploma in Arts is a two-year program that prepares you for university study and – upon successful completion – guarantees you entry into second year of a wide range of arts degrees.

We offer a pathway into UniSA, if you do not meet the direct entry requirements for the degree you want to study. The entry requirements for our diplomas make them more accessible for students who do not receive their desired result.

Please note the below Education 'destination degree' program requirements:

  1. Students pursuing an education pathway must meet the required standard in the national Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) as a prerequisite for their final Professional Experience Placement course within their undergraduate degree.
  2. Undergraduate degrees in education have pre-placement requirements that must be met prior to commencement. For more information, visit
  3. Education students also need to submit a written statement as part of their transition process.

Online study options are available for regional students. Students located near the Whyalla and Mount Gambier Campus are welcome to use the campus facilities and to access the campus study supports. Students should apply to the City West option via SATAC, and then select ‘external’ courses when completing their enrolment. Noting that if the course is offered on campus, students can enrol in the on-campus option. Our Campus Central Teams are available to support students through this process.

Linked degrees

The degrees linked to this diploma are:

UniSA Online linked degrees are:

Flexible study options are available, such as full-time or part-time and online studies, depending on your course selection.

*If you already know that you want to study the Bachelor of Arts, you can apply to study the Diploma in Arts, Bachelor of Arts as a packaged four year program.

What you'll learn

296x202_whatyoulllearn.pngYou will get a taste of university and learn the skills you need to study for your degree, including:

  • how UniSA works
  • how to write academic assignments
  • how to reference
  • how to manage your time

In first year you will complete core courses that develop your critical writing, study, communication, numeracy and research skills. In second year, you will start studying first-year courses from your linked bachelor degree. You will sit in the same tutorials as other first-year students, but you can still rely on UniSA College for extra support.

Degree structure

Course name Area and cat no. Units Reference  
First Semester (Study Period 1, 2 or 3) Rule(s): 3
University Studies EDUC 1075 4.5
Literacy Course 1 4.5 Note(s): 1
Elective 1 4.5 Note(s): 2,3,4
Elective 2 4.5 Note(s): 2,3,4
Second Semester (Study Period 4, 5 or 6)
Literacy Course 2 4.5 Note(s): 1
Elective 3 4.5 Note(s): 2,3,4
Elective 4 4.5 Note(s): 2,3,4
Elective 5 4.5 Note(s): 2,3,4
8 courses from selected discipline area - Enrol under bachelor degree code Rule(s): 4,5,6

Study hours

Your study schedule will be divided into contact hours (the time you spend doing lectures and tutorials) and independent study, including your personal research and assignment work. Study hours depend on the courses you choose and the amount of additional work you put in. Generally, full-time study is equivalent to 40 hours per week.


296x202_assessment.pngYour assessments can include:

  • research papers
  • tests (in person and online)
  • assignments
  • take home examinations
  • group assignments
  • participation and attendance
  • examinations
  • presentations

Global opportunities

Enrich your studies and your life – make overseas study part of your qualification. You may have the option to undertake an exchange, short-term program or study tour overseas while you study. We have links with universities worldwide, as well as a range of travel grants available to make going overseas much more accessible.

You can choose short-term or semester-long study from a range of universities and countries depending on your area of study and cultural interests.

Take a look at the global opportunities available.

Global opportunities

Why Diploma in Arts

296x202_ddarwhy.pngOur programs prepare you for university study by building your academic skills and prerequisite knowledge. You will experience life as a UniSA student, being taught by UniSA staff and having access to the full range of support services that the University provides. By successfully completing the Diploma in Arts you will have the opportunity to transfer into a related UniSA degree.

Online study

296x202_online.pngStudying externally (online) gives you the flexibility to study where and when you want, at your own pace. The majority of the courses offered through UniSA College can be studied online. You can choose your study mode when you enrol. With interactive online course materials and a 24/7 digital environment, you can also:

  • access your lectures online, plus study and course resources
  • submit your assignments and get feedback
  • use forums and discussion boards for team work and communication

How to apply

To apply to study with UniSA College:

  • go to the top of this page and make note of the relevant SATAC code* , then click Apply
  • you will be redirected through to the SATAC website to continue your application

*There are two SATAC codes – one for just this diploma, and one for this diploma packaged with the Bachelor of Arts. If you already know that you want to study the Bachelor of Arts, you can make life easier by applying for both at the same time.


This degree is available for deferment. This option is made available by responding to your offer during the application process via the SATAC website. Applicants who receive an offer into a midyear degree are eligible to defer for six months.


Every year, over 2,500 UniSA students are supported in their studies through scholarships and grants worth millions of dollars. Check out the scholarships below. One of them may be perfect for you. Visit our scholarships page for more.

More scholarships

Your study experience and support

Our campuses have advanced facilities including modern libraries, workshops, laboratories, and areas that simulate real work environments. You’ll discover that your journey at UniSA is also about social experiences, healthy living and getting involved.

Depending on your campus, you’ll find student gyms, pools, tech zones and chill-out spaces. There are campus sport activities to keep you active, and if you’re keen to explore the social side of university life, there’s movies, cooking demonstrations, parties and loads more.

Student services

Student services

You will have full access to our student support services to help you settle in to university life before you begin studying a bachelor degree. We want you to be successful, and if you need help you’ll have it. We provide a full range of support services, including: 

  • academic counselling
  • personal counselling
  • social support services, including family support and nearby childcare
  • library services
  • common rooms
  • prayer rooms
  • security officers
  • wellbeing resources and advice
  • accommodation
  • community health clinics
  • services offered through our student association, USASA

24/7 digital environment

Our learnonline facilities include a personal learning environment with virtual classrooms, lecture recordings, emails, learning support, administration, library access and results. The environment is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can tailor your learning to your life. We are continually investing in innovative digital technologies for a high-quality student learning experience.

Student services

Your campus

We have six campuses in metropolitan and regional areas, each with modern facilities including lecture theatres, libraries and laboratories, as well as spaces that simulate real work environments.

Location This degree is delivered at the following campus.

Your program director

I am a lecturer and Diploma Director at UniSA College. I have a deep concern for issues related to education and justice. This has led me to work in enabling access to education, and it informs my teaching approach.

Dr Natasha Wilson

Program Director

Portrait image for Dr Natasha Wilson
Portrait image for Dr Natasha Wilson

Dr Natasha Wilson

Program Director


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What others are saying

The College taught me everything about Uni – how to reference, how to write an essay and how to do the general stuff you don’t think you need to know going into Uni. After Year 12 I had a lot of self-doubt and lacked confidence, but being in an environment and doing so well gave me the belief that I can actually study and achieve things. It gave me real confidence.

Katherine Burrows

Diploma in Arts


Katherine Burrows

Diploma in Arts